Taking a Break From the 31 Day Challenge

In 2013 I joined up with a large group of bloggers who committed to write on one topic everyday for 31 days in October. It was an amazing experience. I did again last year. So much good has come out of both of these series.

The first was Lots of Hope in a Little Home which was about our family of 5 living in less than 800 square feet.


This series has encouraged and impacted more people than I could have ever possibly imagined! I give glory to God for using what could have been a very rotten time in our life and turning it into something to help so many.

The next series was Teachable Parenting.


Thanks to this series I have been able to connect with many other women for networking, prayer, and encouragement. I still hear wonderful feedback about Teachable Parenting and I plan to make a book based off of it one day.

I know I sound like I am being overly dramatic, but if it were not for the 31 day challenge my blog and therefor my life would be different than what it is today. That’s the truth.

This year I had a topic. I had written down many ideas and started drafting and outlining. I signed up and was ready to go. Then I started to pray and consider whether or not that is what I was supposed to be doing right now. It’s a lot of work you guys! In response I felt like the Lord started leading me in another direction and focus for October and since then I have just had a peace about not participating in 31 Days. So as much as I love everything about 31 Days, I called it quits for this year.

That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be totally quiet around here though . I will be sharing my Bella Gravida maternity outfits for What I Wore Wednesday and I have another really awesome guest post opportunity. I also still plan to share a couple posts about Taming the Sugar Monster (which is what my series would have been) along with a mini series (probably a week long) called  Things I Want to Teach My Children Sooner. I am super pumped about that series and I think you’ll be inspired too.

There are still over a thousand women (and maybe a few men) writing for 31 days on some really cool topics. You can see all the categories and bloggers HERE. I encourage you to look around. There really is something for everybody.

Even though I am bowing out this year I am still excited about October and looking forward to these next 31 days!

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31 Days of Teachable Parenting


Day 1: Introduction (scroll down to read)
 Day 28: Power of Words
Day 31: Be There
Welcome to 31 Days of Teachable
The purpose of this series is
to share with others, and review for myself, what I am LEARNING about letting go
of the controlling mother role and embracing a new mindset as a parent. I put
LEARNING in all caps because I am no expert, but I will be quoting some. The
three books that I will be highlighting throughout the next 30 days are:
Love and Logic by Jim Fay and Charles Fay Ph.D
and Wild Things by Stephen James and David S. Thomas
These 3 parenting
books have absolutely revolutionized the way I interact with my children. Over
the next 30 days I plan to take this opportunity to share my thoughts and notes
with you, as well as my husband who hasn’t had a chance to read all the way through
the books. I hope you’ll join along and by all means leave a comment and let
me know that you’ve stopped by. I will definitely come and say hello on your
blog if you have one.
Tomorrow I will
have my index page and outline all mapped out so that you can see exactly what
is in store for the messymom.com this month. I will also answer any questions
to the best of my ability. As hard as it may be, I look forward to stretching myself in the areas of patience and grace over the next 30 days. It’s sure to be a rewarding season.
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“Lots of Hope In A Little Home” Index Page

Welcome To My 31 days series on finding lots of hope in a little home.

Over the next 25 posts you will read about how my family of 5 has comfortable lived in less than 800 square feet for the last two years. Along with my personal store you will also be encouraged to never loose hope even in the midst of difficult circumstances, as well as some practical information on simplicity, and thinking outside of the box when it comes to how to set up your setup.

  1. My 31 Day Topic Announcement
  2. Why We Downsized
  3. 31 Day Index 
  4. One Simple Couch 
  5. The Hideaway Coffee Table
  6. Sunday Quote
  7. How To Put Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet
  8. The Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Kitchen 
  9. The Kitchen Expansion
  10. The Moveable Dining room
  11. A Simple Crib
  12. Sunday quote
  13. The Benefits of Room Sharing 
  14. Sharing a Bathroom
  15. Sunday Quote 
  16. Hang it, hang it, hang it 
  17. Three Life Lessons That Forced Me To Simplify 
  18. A Big Milestone In a Small Space 
  19. Party Decor and Festivities 
  20. Christmas in a Small Space 
  21. Sunday Quote 
  22. Homeschooling in a small space 
  23. The Loft style closet
  24. The Bedroom Reveal 
  25. There is HOPE
 I’ve been overjoyed to see all the positive feedback since writing this series in 2013. Several posts have been pinned and shared. I’ve also received questions from strangers needing clarification on certain projects. All of which is welcome. I am not some hot shot blogger so I just get tickled pink when someone contacts me. With that said, I would love to hear from you, and if you are currently living in a small space I pray that you would find happiness and fulfillment right where you are. Be blessed friend.
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