One way to create extra storage and make use of the space that you have is by hanging things.

First off, you can always add an extra floating shelves for practical or decorative purposes. The obvious choice here is Ikea. How can I do a series about living in small spaces without talking about Ikea? We got these from the clearance section for $2. They were just a little banged up but you can’t see the dings at all and did I mention they were two bucks?


We have a lot of Ikea stuff in our bathroom too,

like these simple shelves for our toothbrushes (photo above) and towels (photo below).

The eyesore spots on the wall are from where there used to be a towel rod.

Then inside the shower we have even more things hanging (which we bought at a thrift store).

We also put hooks (from the dollar tree) on all of our doors because it’s so easy peasy to hang things like towels, hats, or a jacket.


My favorite hanging thing of all though  is my fruit basket!

We had this awkward empty space over the sink that was just sitting there doing nothing. I searched online to see if I could find a cute hanging fruit basket, but then it occurred to me that anything that could hold fruit and be hung up could serve this purpose.


J found this bin at the thrift store and I have just loved it ever since. 

There is actually still a lot of unfinished work for our apartment. I have Zero photos hanging on the wall (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) and I bought some Ikea hooks to hang the kid’s backpacks when they aren’t at school, but they are still in the package. It’s all a work in progress. Still, the idea is use your wall space to open up your floors and counter space a little more. A little can go a long way.
What do you have hangin’ around in your house? Leave a comment, I love hearing from you!

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