Yesterday I talked about having a vision for our children. For me a big part of this process was revealed to me through the book Wild Things. They gave three key actions that lead you to a child’s heart. 
The first one was to see them.

To see a child is to know how they are uniquely made. To get
know their heart and personality, the good and the bad. 
The second one was to name them.
To name them is to
declare truth about them, to them, and for them, (like we talked about
Then lastly, to draw them out.
This means to challenge, invite, coax, and direct your
child toward and authentic lifestyle of integrity and intimate relationships
with himself, others, and with God.
 I heard a sermon recently about Matthew 13:44 where Jesus tells the parable about the
hidden treasure. The pastor expounded on this parable by encouraging us to see the treasure in others. Let’s review the passage.
 “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that
a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold
everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.”
 I am reminded that in Luke 17:21 that the
Kingdom of God is also within us. We can see glimpses of the Kingdom of God
through our children everyday. If we apply this parable to the idea of having a vision for our children then we can dig even further into Mathew 13:44. 
1. To “see them” is to
discover  the field
2. To “name them” is to actually make the investment and
buy the field. We are saying of our children, others may just see the field or a crazy rambunctious child, but I see
the treasure and I am willing to give up everything for this vision. 
3. To “draw them
out” is taking on the field and protecting that treasure! You hide these words and that vision in your heart just as the man hid the treasure in the field. You are agreeing to
take ownership of the land, the weeds,
the labor, maintenance, and the dirt. All of it! Again, Teachable Parenting is taking on the mistakes, the emotions, and the growing pains that come along with the process all because you see the value
in that treasure. You have a vision.

It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s worth it. It is so rewarding isn’t it? Today I want you to focus on seeing, knowing, and drawing out your child. Really pray about it and consider what this means for your relationship with your children. Tomorrow we will talk about how to declare these truths by the words of our mouth. It’s a biggie!

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