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So the past couple days I talked about how we transformed our dining room area into more usable kitchen space. So where did the dining room go? I am all about eating meals together as a family so don’t think that the dining room got trumped altogether. No.

We were pleased to have found a gem of a table at a flea market right before we moved in.

The dining set and the time that we crossed it’s path couldn’t have been more perfect.

These pictures were taken on my phone (before we changed the floors out or had any other furniture moved in.)

This 5 piece set can fold up like this,

or as a half table/desk,

or a dining table for 4 (we have an extra chair).

It slides around easily and we’ve seated up to 7 people around it using the coffee table as a bench!

We usually have it as a half table next to the couch,

but if we want more space we’ll just move it to the middle of the living room. Or when we want it completely out of the way, like we did for the party last week, we just fold it all up and move it out.

I love this table and even though I had a heck of a time figuring out what it was called I think I finally discovered it’s name. The Linon Space Saver 5 Piece Dining Set.

The new ones run about $330 dollars (ours was $100). We like vintage stuff so it fits our eclectic decor anyway. Yea, yippee skippee for us. Who wants to come over for dinner?