• SJ’s Signs Part 2

    We leave for Texas in a couple weeks and it will be our first visit back to our home state since SJ's diagnosis. Even though she doesn't sign a ton, I want our Texas family [...]

  • Tips and Links for Learning to Sign

    Since finding out my daughter SJ has severe hearing loss my sign language vocabulary has gone from barely a handful to a pool full of words and information on ASL and deaf culture. I am [...]

  • Learning to Communicate

    Finding out you have a child that can't hear is a little bit of a shock, but as with most situations in parenting you have only a moment to let it sink in before you [...]

Speak What is True

By |May 24, 2022|Categories: ASL, Uncategorized|

When I saw SJ up on the stage at the church I went to growing up I couldn't help but let the tears come.           It was such an answer to prayer to watch her use [...]

SJ’s Signs Part 1

By |June 15, 2012|Categories: ASL, Uncategorized|

We leave for Illinois in about 2 weeks and we will be meeting up with old friends that haven't seen SJ in a while. This video is to prepare them and other loved ones to see first hand what signs [...]

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