Welcome. I am so happy you found this space! I’m Natalie.
I started Messy Mom in 2008 when I was the mother of one little baby.
Now that baby is a teenager in high school. What!?
It truly does go by so fast. My husband J and I have been married for over 20 years and still in love.
We have four kiddos. On the blog they go by Z, Elle, SJ, and Ezie.
I write about all kinds of things, but my favorite thing to share about is motherhood (the good, the bad and the messy).
Like I said, time goes by so fast and in this “Messy Mom Welcome” video from 8 years ago my youngest wasn’t even born yet! But the theme of the blog has remained the same all 15 years. Messy Mom is a place to be real,  and hopefully inspired.

 Thanks for stopping by my messy little blog. Please let me know you were here and if there is anything I can do for you. I LOVE community, even the virtual kind. Let’s encourage each other as our stories unfold.