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My mind started reeling when I read on Oh Amanda’s blog that The Nester has invited everyone to be a part of a 31 day challenge starting this month. The idea is to write on one topic for 31 days. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, and I felt inspired and exillerated. I also knew that it was horrible timing. My baby is about to turn one (today is his birthday actually), and I am particpating in some focus group and research studies  in the next couple weeks, plus field trips and fundraisers. Not to mention I hate my blog format right now and would rather show up to the party after I’ve had a makeover. Lastly, I know that sometimes I get so excited about something that instead of preparing and doing it the right way, I just rush into doing it half way and end up being not so proud of it. 

That is why I am announcing that against all my better judgment, like a blog moth to the nesters flame, I AM going for it. I am taking on the 31 day challenge. Be forewarned I am not sure what to expect since I am jumping in at the last minute, but I am super excited! 
On The Nester’s site she gives tips for writing 31 days and one of them said 
“You don’t have to be an expert on your topic. I want a topic that I can be where I am and talk about that– a topic I WANT to learn more about and be encouraged in.” 
That settled it. I am going write about living in a small space, because that is where I am. Sound the trumpets, I even had J throw together my first button. 


If you are thinking you won’t benefit from this series because you have a huge space or even an average one, guess what? You will still probably find some of the tips or glimpses of what I have to share to be helpful. If nothing else you might just be enlightened to see how a family of five fits into 800 square feet. It should be fun! Get ready for 
“Lots Of Hope In A Little Home”