Dramatic Changes with Modern Curtains

This is a sponsored post.


As my Pinterest board gets filled with ideas of how I want to decorate and remodel our home I notice an unlikely key element to transforming any room: curtains!

Furniture and paint color are important, but curtains are truly a focal point. They have the power to make a room look bigger, smaller, darker, brighter, calmer, cozier and more. If you are thinking of doing any remodeling or updates in your home you are definitely going to want to check out Highendcurtain.com. Highendcurtain is an online store that sells not only curtains but also faucets, sinks, lights and other home decorations.

Highendcurtain was founded in 1988 and became the first private enterprise specializing in the production of curtains. It’s the combination of modern fashion styles and a lifetime of experience that set them apart. You are going to love the options, quality, and customer service.

Before you get overwhelmed by how many choices of modern curtains there are let’s talk about how to choose the right one for you! Start with asking yourself these three questions:

1. Are these curtains primarily for aesthetics or are they serving a practical purpose?

If you want your curtains for keeping out light you may want to choose a blackout style fabric. If they are just part of your design then you have more flexibility.

2. Do you already have a statement piece in the room?

Highendcutain.com has so many modern curtains that have a fun or funky design to them.

I love the idea of having something that pops! However, if you already have a statement piece in the room like dramatic wallpaper or a couch with a busy pattern on it you will want to take that into account when you make your curtain selection.

3. What is your budget?

Curtains can add such a dramatic touch to any room and it doesn’t have to cost much! Once you have your budget you can choose all the pieces you need such as the rod, sheers, and the curtain itself. Highendcurtain has high-quality curtains for a fraction of the price. They also offer many specials like coupons and free shipping.

After you’ve selected which style of curtain you want you will need to take measurements. If you feel confused by any of these steps the good news is Highendcurtain has a live chat support team online or a customers service line where you can call and talk to a qualified customer service representative. They are on call 24/7 (with the exception of major holidays) and are happy to help before and after your purchase.

I wish you all the best on your room makeover. From rugs to curtains to light fixtures, it might feel like a never ending tasks, but take your time and enjoy the process. It’s your home; make it somewhere you love to be.

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“It took 6 years to get to this point.”

It’s been 6 years since SJ was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. The Kentucky Derby never fails to serve as a reminder of this milestone.


It was May of 2012 and we had been waiting a month for the ABR test which would finally confirm whether or not SJ was deaf. We had the test done at an audiologist in Lousiville Kentucky which is where the Derby is. Her appointment was on Derby weekend and the whole city is buzzing with energy. Everyone is drinking and hardly anyone is working (even the secretary at the audiologist’s office was off for Derby day). Every woman you saw was dressed in their southern finest with gigantic fancy hats on their heads. So much celebration going on all around us and there we were finding out that our two year old daughter has never heard our voices.

Fast forward to now. SJ is practicing her graduation speech and song. I feel a little guilty about how much emphasis I have put on SJ’s upcoming graduation to my friends and family and on social media. I’ve been talking about since last year!





Obviously I have a lot of words and feelings to get off of my chest right now. It’s just that we have been waiting 6 years for this. It’s amazing how much can happen in 6 years and yet you can never really quantify it in words.

“It took 6 years to get to this point.”

It takes less than 3 seconds to say that sentence, but it takes millions of seconds to live it. That’s why I am so focused on this big event. That’s why I talk about it so much. It has taken 2 surgeries, a multitude of specialists, and countless hours of therapy in order for SJ to hear and speak but she is doing it. The day that she no longer needs full-time intervention services is less than two weeks away.

So I apppologize if I over-share about all of this stuff. Thanks for being there for me as I process it all. Thank you for the prayer and support. Praise God we can see the finish line right around the corner. Although, as with many endings it is also a new beginning, the one we’ve prayed for all along.



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Map Art and Custom Jewelry

One of the awesome perks of blogging is getting to share incredible products and services with all of you. Today I have two product reviews and both of them are customizable, beautiful, and one of a kind!

First off I want to tell you about Modern Map Art.


This is such a cool idea and unlike anything I have seen before. Modern Map Art has lots of unique decor items and gift ideas. The Map that I have is called a Custom Star Map and it is a poster of what the sky looked like on the night my husband and I were married.


Isn’t that awesome!? We love how the poster turned out and we will truly cherish it forever.


The way it works is you give Modern Map Art the information that you want them to use. You get to pick the title, the font, the colors, whether or not you want the constellations (we chose to have them); it’s easy to make it completely your own. Ours says “A Love Come True” which was a significant line in a song that J wrote and surprised me with on our wedding day. The coordinates are for Midlothian Texas which is where we got married, but it’s also the city where we met and have countless treasured memories. It will always be dear to our hearts.

I can’t say enough good things about the Star Map. It could also be used for a birthday, first kiss, or any other memorable night you want to treasure.

This makes a great gift idea and a totally random bonus is that it also educational for the kids because we can teach them about the different constellations and share with them a piece of their history.

The poster shows up within days of placing your order and there are no shipping costs.

Go check out all that Modern Map Art has to offer on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



Next up I cannot wait to tell you about Willow and Ash Designs. Willow and Ash offer a variety of unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry. One of their specialties is using agate pendants and stamped metal.

The jewelry is handmade and no two necklaces are alike which the artist in me LOVES!

These necklaces are gorgeous and even better you can order your own custom piece.

Mine has all four of my children’s names on it.

This necklace makes my heart sing. I love it so much.


The kids were thrilled to find each of their names on it when they saw it. I even got this photo of their four little hands holding the pendant.

Don’t waste any time and go to the Willow and Ash website to see more of what they have to offer! You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


You could still sneak in a gift for your mom or gift something to yourself this Mother’s Day. I love my Star Map and my Willow and Ash necklace. I’m sure you know someone who would love them too.



*This is a sponsored post, but as always the reviews and thoughts expressed are sincere.

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Butterfly Party Fun

I already shared most of the details for the Butterfly party food and decorations, but I never shared the fun!

This was the biggest number of guests I have had at a kids’ party that I’ve thrown. We had 14 girls in a house that isn’t huge.

Thankfully I had plenty of help between two aunts, two moms, and the youth pastor’s wife from our church. I ended up needing all hands on deck!

We had sharpies to label the drinks and party favor bags! All of the paper products and party favor bags were from the Dollar Tree. So were these butterfly nets.

The nets were for a game where the girls on the balcony would throw butterflies to the girls on the landing.

I got this 100 pack of paper butterflies from Amazon because I didn’t want to cut out a hundred tissue paper butterflies!

The whole party was originally planned for outside, but it was stormy. Luckily I had the balcony as a plan B. The girls had fun competing to see who could catch the most butterflies.

We also did a tasty and cute butterfly craft!

It was very simple. We had ages 4-9 represented at the party and with help from grown-ups it was something that was great for everybody.

To make the craft all you need is snack size ziplocks, pipe cleaner, colorful candy, googly eyes, and a clothespin that can be colored with paint or markers. You can find a variation of this project here.

One final activity was opening presents!

I decorated this station by hanging a mosquito netting hoop which I decorated with flower garland and butterflies of course.

The 0ld white door is something I decorate for parties with photos from throughout the years. I added a few butterflies a pennent banner and the letter S for the birthday girl. This was all stuff that I already had on hand. 

That was basically it. I know the birthday girl enjoyed it and I think her friends did too.




If you missed part one of all the birthday fun you can find the details here

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Butterfly Party

I love party planning and watching the dreams and details come to life on the big day. It’s one of my favorite things! I am pleased to report that I have another low-cost, fabulous DIY  birthday party to reveal to you. The party theme this time? BUTTERFLY!

As usual, I had a Pinterest board for SJ’s 8th birthday which was butterfly theme. You can see all the pins here.

First off we had plenty of big tissue paper flowers!

All of the pink ones were pom poms that I used to decorate SJ’s party three years ago.

The others were from the dollar tree (as well as the butterfly wings)


I added fake flowers to the middle and green tissue paper for leaves. That’s it. I taped them to the wall with packing tape (use at your own discretion if you want to protect your paint).

This flower frame over the french doors was a great backdrop for the party and for photos…

which I later turned into thank you cards.


Now onto the food!

We had butterfly “pigs in a blanket”. I don’t have a great picture, but this was a HIT! I plan to a tutorial later. 

Even the crackers and cheese were butterflies. The cheese was cut out with a butterfly cookie cutter and the crackers are Pepperidge Farm.

I served Ants on a Log because I thought it might be nice to have a veggie on the menu and ants are at least an insect, so that’s close to the theme.

The fruit bowl with the butterfly sticking out of it was a last minute substitute for my failed attempt at making a fruit pizza. I love making elaborate fruit pizzas. You can find my recipe and previous creations here. I’ve had success in the past, but this time my giant butterfly shaped sugar cookie was a total disaster! No worries though. I just put the fruit I was planning to use in a bowl and it worked out totally fine. I decided against fruit salad because kids can be so picky. Most of them know which kind of fruit they want and that was way more practical.

Speaking of fruit, the bowl of watermelon was the talk of the party. I wish I could tell you where you could find this bowl that is designed to add water that it can be iced (the bottom comes off), but I got it at a yard sale and I haven’t been able to find it online.

The kids were actually the ones to add the decorations to the bowl. They had fun and it turned out so pretty!


Last but not least- CUPCAKES!

The cupcakes were storebought this time. I usually go with homemade though. I have some of those cupcake recipes and ideas posted here.

I got the ferns on clearance for 99 cents at the florist and I thought they would add a nice touch.

The edible butterflies were from Amazon. They were GORGEOUS! This was a bit of a splurge for me because I do everything on a budget, but it was worth it. I asked SJ if she would rather have rings or edible butterflies and she chose these. The girl’s loved them!

There were little butterfly touches everywhere. On the light fixture-

The party favors-

The napkins-

There were some butterfly crafts and activities too, but I’ll save that for another post. I’m all fluttered out for now.




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The Curated Life

I feel like curated is a buzzword. All of a sudden I am hearing everything curated. I did a curated clothes swap last year. There are curated subscription boxes that are all the rage right now where they hand select the items you get. A website content curator is a professional that helps you sift through your website and see what is going to be the most effective content for your marketing strategies.

So you get the idea. It’s a filtering process. Everything we do usually goes through a filter and that’s not a bad thing. We need filters to clean our water and our air. We need filters to prevent us from saying hurtful things that we think about people sometimes.  Except for curating, editing, censoring, and filtering often get a bad wrap because we crave seeing the authentic. That’s another buzzword: authentic. Everyone is tired of seeing fake, photoshopped, airbrushed images. We want the real and the raw. We want to be able to relate to what we see.

Two things popped up in my news feed recently that reminded me of this.

Kate Middleton

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 23: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge depart the Lindo Wing with their newborn son at St Mary’s Hospital on April 23, 2018 in London, England. The Duchess safely delivered a son at 11:01 am, weighing 8lbs 7oz, who will be fifth in line to the throne. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Kate Middleton walked out of her birthing unit looking like a princess hours after having an 8+ pound baby. Nevermind the fact that she is actually literal royalty. Some people felt sorry for her because she should be bonding with her baby and recovering, not wearing heels and a dainty dress. Some people felt sorry for themselves because they looked like crap after having a baby and stayed looking that way for the remainder of their child rearing years. I could probably identify with both camps on this one.


Then an article came out about Chip and Joanna Gaines and how they claim to put family first but they obviously do not put family first because they have their own royal empire in the home decor world. How could any couple with a 40 acre ranch, two best-selling books and a third one on the way, a quarterly magazine, an online store, a restaurant, an interior design company, a blog, an exclusive line of products for Target, a wallpaper line, and so much more still be able to spend quality time with their kids?

Chip took his rebuttal to Twitter with this response

I agree that with God all things are possible. I agree that they are the ultimate example of family-focused entrepreneurs. I also believe that they probably wonder if they are failing their children and if their work life and home life is balanced. I don’t think this because they have a bajillion irons in the fire. I think this because they are human!  I struggle mom guilt and priorities and I am a stay at home mom!

I am guessing that if you had the unedited Gaines family you would still have a loving couple with adorable kids who all love Jesus and you would also have a whole lot of imperfections and struggles just like the rest of us. They probably talk about this in their books. I haven’t read them.

I only bring this up because as a small time blogger, or even just a girl on Facebook, I am selective of what I post online. I think it’s okay to show a curated life to a broad audience! On the one hand, I want to keep it real with a blog name like MESSY mom and blog post like the one where I had a nervous breakdown, but I don’t need to air out all my dirty laundry. I save that for the people I love most. I know that sounds funny but it’s true. I have intimacy with those that I am actually connected with.

The more intimacy we have with someone the more vulnerable and transparent we are to the point that in sexual intimacy we actually take off ALL the layers and are completely exposed.  Intimacy doesn’t have to be sexual though. Intimacy can be sharing tears, or scars, or memories. Intimacy is a closeness and a connection that is always mutual. If it’s not mutual then it’s not intimacy.

The problem is that we have a false sense of intimacy in our culture today. From pornography to celebrity gossip we start to feel like we have access when we really don’t. It’s a one way street. It’s not mutual and it’s not intimacy. We only have access to the filtered edited production. Therefore we think we know that person on Instagram or that family on TV and we think they are perfect and we live inferior lives that will never measure up. Or we think we can defend or criticize them as if we really know who they are what they should and shouldn’t share.

No matter what your opinions are about these celebrities let’s just remember we are only seeing the curated version of their lives. I don’t know anyone that is intimate with Kate Middleton or Chip and Joanna Gaines except maybe some of my Texas friends who claim to be because they saw them at their cousin’s baby dedication back in 2001, but let’s be honest.

If you are craving something real and authentic try turning to people you can actually connect with in real life and don’t worry about that celebrity or social media mumbo jumbo. I can assure you the real life connections are a thousand times better anyway.


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Inspiring Mom Lauren Béa

Today I am so excited to introduce this month’s Inspiring Mom, singer song writer Lauren Béa! Her latest single, Sovereign Still was just released and is available for download everywhere you stream music. Sovereign Still is an upbeat song that will get in your head and you will be glad it is!  For me it serves as a much needed reminder that God is in control!


Lauren has been spending a lot of her time lately in the studio working on her upcoming album, so be on the lookout for that because it’s going to be amazing. Her music is produced by Otto Price who has also produced music for King and Country and BarlowGirl. I had to name drop here because I own albums from both of those bands and love them.

Lauren writes from a heart of worship and her songs are written about her life, faith, and family all of which she talks about in our recent interview so let’s get right to it!

First off I asked Lauren to tell us about her beautiful family and she said

” My husband is an NFL linebacker and we have been married for 3 years.

We have one daughter named Kaidence. She is two years and a half years old and I can honestly say that motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My favorite part of motherhood would be when Kaidence shows affection back to me, or seeing her learn and discover new things. The look and passion in her eyes is what completely melts me.”


They are the cutest family ever and I wanted to post a million pictures here but I used restraint. To see all the sweetness you can join the thousands of others who are already following Lauren on Instagram @laurenbeamusic. You can also see more on Youtube where Lauren and Keenan have allowed us a peek into their lives on their youtube channel and that is so much fun to watch.

I especially love this video that shows an inside look at the sidelines as an NFL family.

I asked Lauren to share her thoughts about her husband’s career in the NFL and she said

“I do love the NFL life, however it has its pros and cons. I love getting to see my husband do what he loves but the injuries do not make it worth it to me. Most people do not see the behind the scenes of this life. After every game his body feels like it has been in an accident, he has cuts all over his body and he is just completely worn out. It’s hard seeing continuous injuries like torn muscles and broken bones but I am supportive because it is what he loves to do.”

While Keenan’s passion is playing football, Lauren’s passion is definitely singing.

She started singing when she was six years old she said, “I used to take my mom’s walkman, listen to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion and sing along at the top of my lungs.” and she’s worked hard ever since then to get where she is today. Lauren says  “It takes a lot of behind the scenes work before a lot of things even come forth. I have spent numerous hours writing and creating in the studio and working on the business side of it! When you finally see the finished product it makes everything worth it!”

One of her other singles is called Wild Flower and it is an anthem for women everywhere. 

I asked Lauren what inspired Wild Flower and she said

“I wanted to write a song that empowered women. When I was writing the song, the image of a wildflower popped into my head. Wildflowers are naturally beautiful as they are. You do not have to add anything to their beauty and they stand tall in their existence. Women too should embrace being like wildflowers accepting who they are completely and knowing they are beautiful no matter what.”

I absolutely love that message and I love how Lauren not only sings about it but she shows what true strength and beauty is to her daughter and to all that look up to her as an artist.

My last question for Lauren was asking her how she balances family life and her spiriutual walk with careers that keep them on the road and in the spotlight. Her answer is one that we could all benefit from no matter what our hobbies or careers are:

“It is all about balance. I am still figuring this out myself but I know my days go so much smoother when I spend time with the Lord before my morning begins. Once my heart is right, everything else will be also. I also have to set aside specific time for doing music and being with my family. I really have to be intentional on where my mind is at the moment and if I am with my family, my mind needs to be with my family and not on music.”

That really was my last question but then this pictuer popped up in Lauren’s feed and I had to ask, How the heck did you end up meeting Oprah!?

She said they met at Minnie’s Food Pantry Gala, which is a non profit organization they give to and serve with every year. Pretty cool.

To keep up with Lauren you can find her album, videos, updates and all that on her website or on most social media platforms under the handle “laurenbeamusic”. I already mentioned that she is on instagram and youtube, but you can also follow her on twitter, facebook, and  spotify .


I want to thank Lauren for sharing part of her story with us. We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Lauren Béa music!



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Gorgeous Graduation Announcements by Basic Invite

Graduation season is here and I have so many reasons to get excited about doing a review for Basic Invite.



This fresh innovative stationary company will be your go-to for all of your graduation announcements, commencement invitations, and graduation thank you cards. They actually cover weddings, birthdays, and everything in between too, but my mind is all about graduation right now.




First of all, I have been busy with my photography business photographing lots of high school seniors.






This weekend I am even photographing a prom. I can’t wait.


On top of that, my little SJ is graduating from her deaf school after going there for 5 years!




This is no ordinary elementary school graduation. She’s been working so hard to learn to communicate and to get to this point is almost like graduating college!

I have spent a ton of time researching the best options for graduation invitations and thank you cards for her big day.




Here is the thing about Basic Invite, not only are their designs jaw dropping, but unlike other stationary and photo card websites, they are truly customizable. I was blown away by the options. There was one card I loved but knew the burgundy background would clash with SJ photo. Once I realized I could easily change that AND the font AND the amount of text boxes I was ecstatic. I’ve never seen anything like this. The possibilities are endless, but if you don’t want to mess with all that you could just leave it as is and be done in seconds! It is so simple. You can even customize the envelope from over 40 different colors.




Another thing that sets Basic Invite apart is the custom samples. It is one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so that you can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before you ever have to place their final order! They also have the “love it guarantee”. I’m sure after you’ve seen your sample and gotten your order you will be thrilled but if not, Basic Invite will either reprint it or let you return your items for a full refund. You really can’t go wrong.

Basic Invite also offers an address capturing service. This service allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders. This part really caught my attention! Basic Invite makes the whole process fun and easy.

If you are wanting to find deals and updates about Basic Invite you can find them at @basicinvite on most social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

So check out the website and all the awesome designs. Drop in a cute photo of your grad and then tear up because it’s so beautiful and you can’t believe this moment has actually arrived! I know that’s what I’ve been doing.

Last but certainly not least, right now you can get 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51

Have fun selecting your personalized prints!



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A Year of Isabella

It’s been a year since Isabella came to our home and if you haven’t already heard the whole story you should read ” Meet Isabella


It will most certainly warm your heart. With all the hate and discord in the world, there is still so much love and kindness among us, even from strangers. The short story is that SJ was given a brand new American Girl Doll for her birthday a year ago from someone we don’t even know!


The idea was that the doll could get hearing aids and SJ would be able to have a doll that she could relate to.

Since receiving Isabella a year ago she was able to ride to MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA to the American Girl doll store in the mall of America to get hearing aids on the spot! Thanks to Mémé (my mom) for this trip of a lifetime, working for Delta has its perks!





SJ loves taking care of Isabella. She fixes her hair and changes her outfits to match her own as often as possible. On a side note, Newborn size baby clothes fit American Girl Dolls pretty well. I thought it was really cool that one of the outfits that Isabella wears was really SJ’s from when she was a baby!




There have been many special memories made in the days and nights that SJ has owned this very special doll. 










This whole post is basically an excuse to share a few of the photos of the doll from the past year.









The dolls are considered appropriate for ages 8 and up. SJ got Isabella on her 7th birthday and I’m glad we went for it. Hopefully this means there will be many more years of playtime ahead.

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Year One

It’s been a year since we moved into our little ol’ house in the Cincinnati suburbs. I thought it would be fun to go through my phone photos and highlight some of the little things I have come to love about the home that we ended up in. You may notice that I only talk about the outdoors! There are things we love about the inside too, but it’s definitely a work in progress. I’ll save that for another post.


First off, there is someone on this cozy street who has been there to greet us since day one and we have been so blessed to have him in our lives. His name is Walter.



He even made an appearance in this photo that we have with our realtor. Proof that he was with us since the beginning.


He was actually a puppy when we met him, so I guess he is about a year and a half old now. His family lives directly across the street from us, but they don’t have any little kiddos so I think Walter enjoys being around a gang that is as rambunctious as he is! And since we don’t have a dog nor do we plan to get one anytime soon he fills that void for our family.


The first Holiday we celebrated in our new home was Easter. We were able to host lunch for 18 people! I cut fresh lilacs from our tree out front, we hid eggs in the yard, and Mémé and Pépé brought kites and other goodies for all 8 grandchildren. It was the picture perfect day.

img_9323 img_9386 17991409_10155275643054700_7193974923989883749_o


Next up we got to know some of our neighbors. Most of these houses have been around for close to 50 years and a lot of the residents have lived here the whole time so we are one of the youngest families. Not entirely though, there are several boys that are Z’s age.


This has been so cool for my little man who had to leave all of his friends and his school (although thankfully they are still not far). I love that he has friends to hang out with. If the weather is nice I guarantee you our doorbell will ring at least once a day. They play sports, hike, swim, shoot nerf guns, and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.


We have this awesome living room window that overlooks the street and I get to spy on them! I call it my eye in the sky.





Another thing I love as a mom of small children is that we live on a dead end street off a dead end street so there is no traffic! That means when the kids are out of school they are in the streets.

Just pick your favorite way to roll!


Sometimes I see this kind of mess in my driveway and it makes my little mama heart flutter! I love being a place that kids know they can come and park their bikes. It is my favorite!


Here is another pic that really shows what our street is like.


There are a couple different neighbors talking in the middle of the road with dogs sitting around and a kid coming down the hill on a skate board. I mean really! That’s our house in the middle of the picture in the background.  I know this isn’t a luxurious dream spot that you are going to find on TV or in a magazine, but in my book, it’s even better.

Okay now let’s talk about our yard. We’ve got some awesome trees. We wish we had more. Our neighbor behind us has a pool, a playground, a shed and a trampoline with a chain link fence. To be honest, we would love a little privacy between us and them, but I’m being nitpicky here. Those tropical looking plants are banana trees. They die in the winter and get super tall in the summer. They do not produce fruit because the warm seasons aren’t long enough here in Ohio.


J hung a couple of swings from some of the tress and the kids love to play outside!




In fact, this yard is what sold us on the house. The patio area is perfect for us.


For my 35th birthday my family came out and they gave us a grill!


So we cookout and eat outside every chance we get.



In the summer we garden! We have loved getting plant berries and vegetables and to make the most of having a place to grow things.






The list of gardening benefits goes on and on. It’s fun and educational for the kids. It’s therapeutic for us. It’s healthy for everybody! I hope we get to do it again this year.


Last but not least what I love about my house is the view. Our street name is Hillside and I love being up high on hill. We don’t have a scenic overlook and we aren’t in a completely wooded area, but it’s wooded enough that we see alot of critters. Chipmunks, woodpeckers, hawks, bullfrogs, humingbirds and deer are frequently spotted in our yard.

I love seeing the sunrise over the hillside. It is so beautiful and after feeling like vagabonds for 5 years this house such a miracle for us. I’ll mention again, it’s not perfect, but we are blessed to be here and I refuse to take this gift for granted. I thank the Lord that he led us to this place. Everything about it is right for our family. This is where we get to raise our family. What an honor. 




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