Wow! I can’t believe we are pretty much finished with all 31 days! Tomorrow is the
official final day and I will wrap things up, but today I just want to
highlight some of the main points of Teachable Parenting. A simple cheat sheet if
you will.

Let’s start with the “bad news” first and look at the top
five stumbling blocks to AVOID. These are behaviors that can interfere with teachable parents and teachable
kids too.

Getting angry. I know it’s easier said than done, but remember anger short circuits learning. It also gives a child the impression that they have power over you. 
Giving one size fits all discipline. Try to find a consequence that is related to their offense. 
Lengthy lectures.  Be concise. The more words a teacher or parent uses, the greater the odds that a child will tune you out. 
Shaming them with words. Communicate in a way that is short, firm, and measured rather than belittling or personally attacking.
Short cuts to behavior modification.  Whether it’s bribing and coddling during a temper tantrum, or threatening and manipulating through external discipline, try to remember that our long term goal is the condition of the heart.

The good news is we can embrace a ton of teachable moments at times when we simply ALLOW things to play out. 

Allow children to learn from their mistakes

Allow children to have a range of emotions.

Allow opportunity to work and earn money

Allow kids to be kids within the confines of clear cut boundaries.

Allow fun and spontaneity

If you have come this far with me during this series I would like to extend an enormous thank you. It’s been a lot to take on, but I am so grateful for the experience. If you are just discovering this series, and these points look like something that might be helpful to you, then I encourage you to check out all 31 days. You can find the index page HERE. I have loved all the feed back and your comments have been such an encouragement. Check back tomorrow for (I can’t believe I am saying it)

DAY 31!