I have saved our bedroom for last, not because it’s a big show stopper. Not at all! The reason I waited because I was hoping to have it finished by now and it’s not, but I did hang some pictures. Which is a quite an accomplishment for me. I have been planning out this composition for months. I wanted something on the big blank space where a head board would be. I couldn’t decide what would be appropriate, but when it started clicking I knew exactly what to do.

Black and white photography, art, travel- these are all things that J and I love and I had these frames that someone dumped that just needed to be painted. So I chose 5 images that all represent the previously mentioned theme.

The top left is a photo from when we drove through Canada a couple years ago. The one beneath it was taken in Chicago last year. The middle photo is from when we went to England on a mission trip  10 years ago, and the top right is at J’s parents farm in Sanger Texas (from when we renewed our vows). Finally the bottom right is a photo of the white sands in New Mexico, which was taken about 7 years ago. So you have different states, different countries, different parts of our marriage, and I love alternating the nature shots with the architectural ones (two more things we love!). So this collage is very soothing and uplifting to us and I am happy to have this project finally complete.

Other special touches in the room are the two night stands J built.

They are custom made to be taller than the average night stand because when we moved into the apartment we put our bed on cinder blocks to be able to have more storage below.

The other thing that I find to be really special about this COZY little space is that I had this grey paisley sheet that I bought from a thrift store on a very memorable trip to Austin Texas. I wanted to incorporate it somehow, so I had my mom turn it into curtains for me. I then brought the material to Ikea to find a somewhat coordinating duvet cover.

I snapped this shot on my phone because I like this cover and I wanted to remember it and save up for the purchase. Well, believe it our not there was one in the clearance section on the way out that was TEN dollars. That’s crazy for an item that is new to the catalogue! Of course I snatched it up, but it gets better. Days later I was at a thrift store here in Ohio and found the exact coordinating pillow case that was in perfect (like brand new) condition. These items were bought used and purchased YEARS apart in different states. What are the odds? My plan is to make throw pillow cases out of it and add some other coordinating pillows eventually, but this what I’ve got for now.

You already saw the closet area which is on the opposite wall and there is a little vanity too. That’s about it though. That’s our little room.

*** I am posting my closing blog back to back with this one because I am behind and today is the last day for the 31 day challenge. You can read that post next and the rest of the series is listed here. ***