• My Little Girl’s Birthday Parties

    My Little Girl’s Birthday Parties

    SJ's birthday is two weeks away and I am in full blown party mode. When I get going with party planning you have to use the emergency brakes just to get me to stop talking

  • Embracing Your Child’s Mistakes

    Embracing Your Child’s Mistakes

    I pray you’ll get caught doing things wrong—before they get too big I pray you’ll fail—in things that don’t matter I pray you’ll have to say you’re sorry—and get really good at it, so that

How to Make a Nerf Party Cake

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How to Make a Nerf Party Cake As promised, here is the Nerf Party Cake (modified version of the archery cake featured on showerofroses.blogspot.com). You will need A box of cake mix and two 9"

Indoor Nerf Party

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Z's 10th birthday was a bullseye with this Nerf Party. I love making printables and Z helped me with my designs this year. He also spent a lot of time coloring and making his own Nerf

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

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"Fun to Bee One" Bumble Bee Birthday I had been planning Elle's "Fun to Bee One" bumble bee birthday party in the back of my mind since she was 6 months old. It all came

Batman Party

By | September 27th, 2016|Categories: Parties|

We celebrated Ezie's 4th birthday on Sunday. You can probably guess the theme from the above photo. The buffet was pretty simple, regular ol' party food. I did do my signature fruit pizza using blueberries

The Big Six

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SJ turned 6 years old on Friday. If you have spent any time around MessyMom.com then you probably know I like to party. SJ has had a Cupcake Party, Green Eggs and Ham Party, Donut

Farm Party Highlights

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I gave some behind the scenes planning details as I was busy preparing for the ultimate farm/3 Little Pigs party. I also shared the elaborate farm theme menu. Still, there is SO MUCH more that

I Dream of Pig Parties

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"I think I'll combine the boys birthday this year and just keep it really simple because it's going to be so close to when the baby is due." I distinctly remember having that conversation with

How to Avoid Overboard Kid Parties

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A Homemade Birthday We just wrapped up  Z's 8th birthday party and I want to talk a little about my battle to be balanced when it comes to my party planning obsession. For some of

Broken Jewelry Decor

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  I'm all about birthdays this week. Remember the tea party from last March? I do and I will never forget it and how special it was! One of the things I shared when I

A Homemade Birthday

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I wasn't going to do anything major this year for Z's birthday because of the baby on the way and all that. So I kept his party pretty low key... kind of. I mean, I

Fruity Fun Ice Drink

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I have definitely been in back-to-school mode, and I'm the first to admit that fall is my favorite season. However, the weather is still warm, we have a pool party to go to tonight, and

Free Donuts!?

By | June 4th, 2015|Categories: Crafts, Creativity, Frugal Living, Parties|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

I have been working hard to cut back sugar for our family this year. Each month another sweet treat is eliminated from the menu in our home and will no longer be restocked, but one


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