• My Little Girl’s Birthday Parties

    SJ's birthday is two weeks away and I am in full blown party mode. When I get going with party planning you have to use the emergency brakes just to get me to stop talking [...]

  • Embracing Your Child’s Mistakes

    I pray you’ll get caught doing things wrong—before they get too big I pray you’ll fail—in things that don’t matter I pray you’ll have to say you’re sorry—and get really good at it, so that [...]

How to Make a Nerf Party Cake

By |September 15, 2017|Categories: Parties, Uncategorized|

How to Make a Nerf Party Cake As promised, here is the Nerf Party Cake (modified version of the archery cake featured on You will need A box of cake mix and two 9" round cake pans 2 cans [...]

Indoor Nerf Party

By |September 6, 2017|Categories: Parties, Uncategorized|

Z's 10th birthday was a bullseye with this Nerf Party. I love making printables and Z helped me with my designs this year. He also spent a lot of time coloring and making his own Nerf theme signs to hang up [...]

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

By |January 4, 2017|Categories: Parties|

"Fun to Bee One" Bumble Bee Birthday I had been planning Elle's "Fun to Bee One" bumble bee birthday party in the back of my mind since she was 6 months old. It all came together beautifully and I wanted [...]

Batman Party

By |September 27, 2016|Categories: Parties|

We celebrated Ezie's 4th birthday on Sunday. You can probably guess the theme from the above photo. The buffet was pretty simple, regular ol' party food. I did do my signature fruit pizza using blueberries and pineapples to make the [...]

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