How We Met is a compilation of love stories submitted by different couples or sometimes interviews. This is Valentine’s series not only includes fun and unique stories of how a couple meet but also is a testimony of what God is doing in the lives of so many amazing marriages (including through the real-life hardships!). 

Here are some of the stories that have been shared so far: 

Karin and Cameron met in a Lifespan Development class in grad school where a class project found them to be compatible.


They are both counselors and they now have two children.


Mike and Andrea met at the gym.


They now have SEVEN boys and Andrea homeschools all of them.


Scott and Jennifer met in his pickup truck in his driveway. 


They now have 7 kids and a thriving homeschool and family ministry.


Richard and Nancy  met in a parking lot when Richard found Nancy trying to draw a picture of his truck.


They have been married for over 40 years now. They have 3 adult children all married and 8 grandchildren total.


Michael and Amanda met in the airforce.




They now have two boys and Michael is still serving in the military while Amanda is a stay at home, military wife, blogger, and a proud veteran

Ian and Melissa met in a bar at a blackjack table.


The irony is they are now parents of three teenage boys in a very stable Christ-centered home.


Les and Amanda met at a community college when Amanda overheard Jars of Clay being played in his car.



Amanda is now the author of Truth in the Tinsel and writes at She and Les have two children

Bill and Loretta met at Bible school.


Their love story is unique in that they passed away just months apart from each other. I interviewed their family members to document their beautiful lifelong love story.


Brad and Christine met when he was in a band and she was on the dance team.


The first 8 years of their marriage were miserable until God completely turned things around for them and gave Brad and Christine a fresh start.


Alex and Amber met when Alex challenged Amber to get excited about the book of Leviticus!


They have five adopted children (and counting). They are huge advocates for foster parenting.


Colton and Emily met when Emily was running sound for a worship band that Colton played in.



Shortly after they married Colton was diagnosed with a progressive form of cancer. They moved from Kentucky to New York City for Colton’s treatment and their marriage has been a miracle ever since that is still being played out.


Blake and Heather met at Kmart.


Heather did not see herself settling down, getting married, and homeschooling three kids but that is exactly what happened!


Rene and Barb  met when Rene was the interpreter for Barb on a mission trip to Mexico.


They live in the states now. They have two children and are the pastors of a Spanish church.

Nicole and Josiah met while attending a predominantly African American church.

They had dreams for Josiah to climb the corporate ladder which included frequent moves, but God has led them to plant roots and follow his lead. They are raising two beautiful daughters while working and doing ministry.


Greg and Jen met while taking photography classes. They were as opposite as opposite could be.

While neither of them ended up doing anything with photography they did fall in love and are happily married with 6 children.

Asher and Addie met at church. They had diverse backgrounds but that didn’t stop them from having a God-ordained connection.

They have been married for two years now and are still madly in love. They are currently enrolled at a school of ministry seeking what God has in store for them.