My next interview for the Inspiring Moms series is with Darci Davidson.

I can’t wait to share her testimony of how God brought her from pain and heartache to salvation and restoration! But first I want to highlight some of her creative endeavors because believe me, they are worth checking out!

Darci is the author of two children’s books. She wrote “But for Now, Stay Here (for little boys and their parents)” and “Don’t Give Up with Lee the Fox“.

Darci first began writing during an intense season of healing. At first it was just as her own form of therapy. Darci is an introvert by nature so sharing in a group doesn’t always come easily, but when she would write things down the words seemed to flow so easily and help everything to make sense. Then one day her writing went beyond just her personal journal entries.

It was one of those ordinary moments when her little boy Beau, climbed up onto her lap and said with his sweet little southern twang- “Momma I’m tired” and she snuggled with him a while. As she held him a whole poem flowed through her and she wrote the words which would later be published in her book “But for Now, Stay Here“. When she initially wrote the poem she never intended to take it beyond her usual journal entries  but after reading it out loud to her husband he said “That’s a children’s book!”. From there Darci took the steps to transform the words God gave her into something that could encourage other parents and “But for Now, Stay Here was born.

Her next book “Don’t Give Up with Lee the Fox” is my daughter Elle’s personal favorite!

It’s a story about a boy who is determined to tame a fox… and it doesn’t go quite the way he thought it would. It is a sweet TRUE story that teaches kids to turn to prayer and trust in God.

The illustrations are delightful. Both books make a wonderful addition to your children’s collections. They are both hard cover and available on Amazon. You can also find them in the brick in mortar store “The Green House Bus Mercantile“.

The Green House Bus Mercantile is an absolutely extraordinary health food store which Darci and her husband are co-owners.

While they do carry such a wide range of organic and local foods, it’s so much more than that. They have coffee, tea, kombucha, essential oils, and even some local art, jewelry, and books. They even host worship nights!

It’s an amazing place. I have not stopped blabbing about the Greenhouse Bus since my first visit there. Next week when I share Darci’s story I will have a lot more to say. This is a little teaser though. So if you live local or you are every anywhere near Cincinnati go to the Greenhouse Bus Mercantile and also definitely check out these two children’s books for your family or any little ones you know.