“Lots of Hope In A Little Home” Index Page

Welcome To My 31 days series on finding lots of hope in a little home.

Over the next 25 posts you will read about how my family of 5 has comfortable lived in less than 800 square feet for the last two years. Along with my personal store you will also be encouraged to never loose hope even in the midst of difficult circumstances, as well as some practical information on simplicity, and thinking outside of the box when it comes to how to set up your setup.
  1. My 31 Day Topic Announcement
  2. Why We Downsized
  3. 31 Day Index 
  4. One Simple Couch 
  5. The Hideaway Coffee Table
  6. Sunday Quote
  7. How To Put Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet
  8. The Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Kitchen 
  9. The Kitchen Expansion
  10. The Moveable Dining room
  11. A Simple Crib
  12. Sunday quote
  13. The Benefits of Room Sharing 
  14. Sharing a Bathroom
  15. Sunday Quote 
  16. Hang it, hang it, hang it 
  17. Three Life Lessons That Forced Me To Simplify 
  18. A Big Milestone In a Small Space 
  19. Party Decor and Festivities 
  20. Christmas in a Small Space 
  21. Sunday Quote 
  22. Homeschooling in a small space 
  23. The Loft style closet
  24. The Bedroom Reveal 
  25. There is HOPE
 I’ve been overjoyed to see all the positive feedback since writing this series in 2013. Several posts have been pinned and shared. I’ve also received questions from strangers needing clarification on certain projects. All of which is welcome. I am not some hot shot blogger so I just get tickled pink when someone contacts me. With that said, I would love to hear from you, and if you are currently living in a small space I pray that you would find happiness and fulfillment right where you are. Be blessed friend.