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Effective Ways Your Family Can Earn Some Extra Money

Boosting your income can enable you to achieve your financial goals and enhance your quality of life. Whether you want to pay down debt, save for a luxury holiday, or support your kids as they reach the next stage in their lives, increasing your annual income now will give you the flexibility and funds you need. To get started, take a look at these very effective ways your family can earn some extra money:

Start Driving

If you have a license and a vehicle, you’re already on your way to becoming a professional driver. From signing up as a cab driver with companies like Lyft and Uber to winning hot shot trucking jobs and delivering goods, there are a variety of ways you can turn your driving skills into a budding startup or side hustle. Just make sure you have the right type of insurance in place and you’re good to go. 

Become a Consultant

Whatever professional experience you have, you can optimize your income by sharing it with others. Setting yourself up as a consultant allows you to work with companies or individuals and share your knowledge and expertise. Whether you mentor new graduates and teach them how to succeed in your industry or provide advice to established businesses, capitalizing on your own hard work and professional success can be a great way to boost your income. 

Use Your Home

Your family home is probably your largest asset, so why not make the most of it and use it to generate some income? If you have a spare room, you could rent it out on a long-term basis or make it available to temporary residents via sites like Airbnb. 

Alternatively, unused space, such as garages or outhouses, can be transformed into handy storage units and rented out. If you have a large driveway and live near a town, city or event venue, you could even boost your income by making it available for parking. 

Pet Sitting

Not only is pet sitting a lucrative way to make extra money, but it’s also extremely fun! When you become well-known as a reliable pet sitter, you can be sure that your services will be in high demand. Whether you take pets in while their owners are on vacation or you walk the dogs in the neighborhood while their owners are at work, there are a variety of ways you can earn extra money and get all the benefits of having a pet without being an official owner. 

Sell Items You No Longer Need

If you could do with a little extra space at home, this will help you to declutter your living environment, as well as bringing in some extra cash. Decide which items you no longer need or want and get them listed on online marketplaces or local advertising portals before exchanging them for cash. 

Transform Your Family’s Finances

When you find fun ways to bring in some extra money, transforming your finances becomes a family effort. By getting everyone involved, you can teach your kids about financial management and protect their future at the same time.


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How to Keep Your Roof From Leaking

A roof can sometimes be a daunting project to attend to – but it doesn’t have to be. But, your roof is one of the essential features of your entire house – without it, you’d basically have four walls, and no coverage from the harsh element nature throws at us from time to time. Luckily, there are easy things to look out for when you want to check your roof and repair a few things. There are also easy steps you can take in order to properly maintain your home, thereby preventing any leakages that may cause severe damage to your home. By following the below steps, you’ll rest easy at night, knowing that your roof is in top shape and your family is safe and sound under it.

Keep your gutters clean

This is one of the most important things to remember when maintaining your roof. Clean gutters ensure that there will be proper drainage when it rains, seeing as clogged gutters can cause water to store on your roof, leading to leakages through any cracks that may exist on your roof. Gutters can get clogged very quickly if there’s a lot of foliage around or if you live in an area where weather storms are a frequent occurrence. Cleaning gutters properly can sometimes be a tricky project, seeing as one doesn’t always have the proper tools to remove all the debris from the drainage pipes as well. If you feel like it would be safer to hire a professional, it would be highly recommended to get the Best gutter cleaners near Greensboro, NC – they do a fantastic job and even go the extra mile by sweeping away all the extra leaves on your driveway to enhance your curb appeal!

Check your roof’s shingles 

The best time to check your roof’s shingles would be especially after the stormier weather season. The sun’s harsh rays can also do some damage over time, so when inspecting your roof’s shingles, ensure they are still functioning correctly, are still where they should be, and are not cracked or chipped.

Look out for ice dams

If you live in an area where heavy snowfall occurs, ice dams are something you should monitor closely. Ice dams are what happens when the warmer attic’s air rises to the roof and melts the snow that’s gathered on top. The water from the melted snow then runs along the roof, reaches colder parts, and freezes all over again. These ice dams trap any further melting snow water and cause the water to seep through the roof, causing damage to your ceiling and peeling of the paint inside. The vital step to take here would be to check your attic for appropriate insulation and ventilation – this will ensure your roof stays cool during the winter months and doesn’t cause ice dams on top.


The above steps are just some of the easy ways to maintain your roof and ensure it stays in optimal condition. Not only will you feel better and more prepared for anything nature might throw your way, but you’ll spare yourself a lot of trouble and money in the future!


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Big School Decision

The verdict is in. After a year of homeschooling we have decided to return to the public school option. I wrote recently about how difficult this decision has been and one that we take very seriously. I also shared just some of the beautiful aspects of homeschool which I will inevitably miss. With as complex as it is, here is a breakdown of some of the reasons why homeschooling isn’t the best choice for our family.

  1. I love our public schools. I always have. It’s the reason we moved here in the first place. We would have stayed in public schools last year if it weren’t for the pandemic. I know we are still in it, but the vaccines are out and things are definitely looking to be much improved from the past year.
  2. My kids learn better from a teacher- bottom line.
  3. They aren’t as social as they used to be. Hold up, because I know socialization is a biggie that people throw around in opposition to homeschooling and I am NOT saying that homeschoolers aren’t socialized. My two middle children have bonded and I love it, but they also have become so bonded that at times they were becoming exclusive and not opening up to other children at church because they had each other. We worked through this, but still they aren’t in any clubs, sports, or extracurriculars right now. So getting them back in school with friends (since it’s no longer prison level restrictions thank God) will be good for them.
  4. In public school they will have specialists to assess their needs. Each one of my kids have had various IEPs, IFSPs, and WEPs. I know ALL children are individuals and that’s the beauty of homeschooling, but I don’t have it in me to fight for these resources. I know that my children have special needs and I really value the extra set of eyes and expertise.
  5. Free tutoring. On the same note, if they do have struggles and need personalized help there are intervention specialists available to work with them. I feel a huge burden lifted knowing caring professionals are tracking their progress and will tell me if they see any red flags in learning and then HELP ME know how to help my child. This is a big deal for me because with one child in particular I am drowning with concern. I want to make sure they get all the help they need.
  6. Teachers can answer questions that I can’t. I am great at googling things, but I am feeling less passionate about the teacher role. I pray that my children will get teachers that are still passionate about theirs (Our district has a fantastic track record in this area).
  7. Public school is free. We have made some budget changes that leave us temporarily going from paycheck to paycheck. So I have almost no money to put towards curriculum, workbooks, arts and crafts, and other projects. Other than field trips, I know the schools are back to offering all of their cool learning tools so that makes me happy.
  8. My husband works from home and our house isn’t that big. This makes for a major struggle trying to keep the volume down on most of the day.
  9. Math is a HUGE challenge for me. It always has been. I don’t like helping with 4th grade math and I definitely don’t want to help with 5th. Right now my daughter is dividing, comparing, or converting fractions and decimals. Yesterday and today my husband had to swoop in a lot, which is hard because he has work.
  10. We feel God has given us a peace about sending them to school. That’s the biggest reason.

Last year we were prayfully led to homeschool and I don’t regret it. I KNOW that was the right choice for us and I was open to the idea that I may love it so much that homeschool would be my new calling. While I already mentioned all of the beautiful benefits of homeschooling I don’t feel it’s my calling, at least not right now. Last year we stepped out in faith to homeschool. This year we stepping out in faith again, but in a different way.

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The February Flurry

I haven’t blogged or really been social online in several weeks. My biggest reason for this has been my computer crashing! I haven’t had any computer issues since I got my iMac 5 years ago. Everything from my meal plans to my side hustles are on my computer, and when it’s not functioning properly it’s fair to say that NEITHER AM I! It appears to be fixed now so I’m hopefully back in business.

I won’t go into all of the details of what made February such a whirl wind of a month, but I did want to document one of the most memorable parts.

We got snow.


I know Ohio is not alone in these crazy winter storms. My poor friends in Texas got hit so hard that most of them were living the frontier life with no electricity or sometimes water! I remember what that is like from when we had that terrible power outage last April. No fun.

I personally love the snow. The last couple of winters here have been fairly mild so I am grateful for this surprise snow dump.

We made the most of it. The day after we got the first 8 inches J took off of work and we spent our afternoon sledding.

We even brought hot chocolate to-go in those mugs that keep beverages warm. While we were at one of the best sledding parks ever we bumped into some friends.

These two have been buds since they were 2 years old so that was a fun impromptu reunion.

The next week when we got more snow we made our traditional snow cream. I looked up the recipe on MessyMom.com.

It was really sweet because SJ was the one leading this activity and there were pictures of her on the recipe post from 6 years ago.

Times have changed, but snow cream is still the perfect winter treat!

I can’t even remember the number of snows cancellations and two hour delays this month. It doesn’t affect us too much since we are mostly at home, but it’s always fun to have snow days, even for homeschoolers.

We had fresh eggs throughout the snowstorm too! We were worried about the chickens with the temps being close to zero. Most chicken breeds are actually really winter hardy though and they all did great. They didn’t love necessarily love the snow. Our white hen, Mary, flat out refused to walk around outside. But most of the birds eventually ventured out a bit.

Getting eggs that weren’t frozen was a chore, but we managed to brave the tundra a few times a day to collect our breakfast.

The snow has pretty much all melted now leaving a slushy mud pit in our backyard. The chickens are thrilled to be able to forage again.

They have spent the past several days pecking away at the soft ground in search of bugs and other tasty treats. I loved the time that we had in the snow, but I am also getting excited for spring. It will be here before you know it!



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Our Chalkboard

One month down for homeschooling in 2021. I have to admit, I have felt so defeated lately. We had a nice break at Christmas and I knew that it would take some time to get back into our routine, but every time I thought we found our rhythm again there would be some kind of emergency. When it comes to what we will do next school year we have a lot to evaluate, contemplate, and most importantly meditate (okay, pray is what we need to do, but I was on a rhyming roll).

That being said, my chalk board still says Happy New Year, however there was  time when the message on our family chalkboard changed every week. It usually involved something we were learning about that week. So while I have not been able to keep this up, I did have a lot of fun designs and memories to look back on.

This was the original chalkboard message from the beginning of August 2020

The next week was a Bible verse that we memorized and learned the sign language to.

Another Bible verse. We learned the fruit of the spirit verse and ASL signs about 4 years ago, but this was a good refresher for sure.

Everyday we learn about a new country (in alphabetical order) and then we say a prayer for that country. Sometimes we go to the prayercast.com website where you can click on any country and they have a video prayer specific for that nation. It’s an incredible ministry that I stumbled on while looking up individual countries prayer needs.

We also had a little tradition of doing the birthday boy or girl message on the chalkboard. SJ’s is coming up so I definitely need to follow through with the final birthday message! 

September 11th was a difficult but important day that we learned about. 

Then we learned all about the constitution on September 17th, CONSTITUTION DAY! 

Then we had another important Bible verse.

Ezra’s 8th birthday. WaHoo!

Then we got Covid, so SJ wrote the chalk message for me.

After we were fully recovered and out of quarantine we had the coolest unit study the week of Columbus Day.

This one didn’t turn out as planned but we traced our hands and wrote our favorite things about fall in each one.

Election week!

For our 20th anniversary I wrote Matthew 19:6 and Elle drew a photo to go with it.

Elle’s fifth birthday. Fun times!

We watched Little Women and read up on the history of Louisa May Alcott.

Thanksgiving was a great lesson and Holiday.

Skip ahead to Christmas. SJ’s artwork this time.

Last but not least Happy New Year!!!


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Next School Year

I feel like I am back at square one in making the decision to homeschool or send my kids back to public school. This time last year I wrote a blog post called “Planning 7 Months in Advance” because it was the beginning of 2020 (the part where we thought it would be a regular year) and schools and extracurricular programs were already enrolling. This year is the same. Kindergarten enrollment, 8th grade schedule selections, and applying for scholarships for special needs therapy while homeschooling are all filling my inbox with deadlines. So while I’ve been telling myself I had 6 months to decide what we would do for the 21/22 school year that is absolutely false. We have to figure it out ASAP. Granted we can always change our minds, so nothing is written in stone, but either way we eventually need figure it out.


Fostering a love for knowledge and a strong educational foundation has always been a top priority for me as a mom. When I look back over the past 10 years so much of it was spent determining what the best fit would be for each of our precious little sponges. They are each so unique and talented as individuals. I’ve ALWAYS said, like a broken record, we evaluate their educational needs and what fits best on a case by case, day by day basis.

J and I have definitely talked about what the year will bring and how we feel. We’ve prayed that God would lead. I made an actual list of pros and cons for either path and I have informally interviewed all kinds of different people including moms, intervention specialists, and teachers. The good news is last year we had no idea what in person learning during a pandemic would be like. This year we have a year we know so much more. Last year during one of the district meetings a school board director compared their strategy for the 2020/2021 school year to building an aircraft while simultaneously flying it. It’s a great analogy. I was building my own airplane while flying it at home. It’s why unprecedented was the word of the year in 2020.

Although we are leaning towards in person learning for the upcoming school year there are several reasons why I would love for the kids to stay at home. Here is a peek at my list of reasons we might do it all again.

  1. No masks or shields! (that’s probably the biggest, especially with a deaf child)
  2. Bible and faith included in our daily lessons

3. More time for piano and chickens!!

4. I really get to observe my kids’ learning styles 5. More quality family time 6. We have a laid back schedule rather than running from one thing to the next all the time 7. Sleep in (we actually keep a pretty consistent schedule that includes waking up somewhat early, but on occasion we don’t and it’s nice to have that option) 8. More outside time 9. Less driving!10. I get to learn new things everyday too

I know some people might think after a year of homeschooling I would be ready to throw in the towel and not look back. While there are challenges to homeschooling that I would never want to sugar coat, I really would miss so much of it. I’ll give my list of reasons we wouldn’t do it again another time. One thing I know for sure though. We made the right choice for this school year and I will cherish the time we had.

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And Then THIS Happened

We’ve had a teen in our house for about 5 months now. It’s so surreal, which is maybe why it has taken me this long to write about it!

When I started Messy Mom he was less than a year old. In August of 2008 I wrote this little blog post called “Then this happened”. I’ll repost it here-

I griped a lot in last night’s blog  because I did have a rough week and I don’t think there is anything wrong with keepin’ it real when things aren’t so bright and cheery. However, in the midst of it all there was this…

What is that? You may ask. That is something my 11 month old son made. He stacked that piece on top of the train and was building for the first time. I was so proud that I had to get my camera because I wanted to remember this moment forever. He did it several times and with blocks too!

It is such a joy to see him learning how things go together. I am honored to be a mom. Even in the midst of chaotic times I never ever want to overlook those little moments that make it all worthwhile.

And that’s it. I wrote a whole blog post about how he stacked blocks and I freaked out as if he had built the Taj Mahal. I shared how proud I was on the internet for the world to see, and get ready for a major brag here, because 13 years later I am just as proud.

This kid  young man is on a robotics team for the third year in a row. He publishes the weekly podcast and notes on our church’s app.

He volunteers running the light board in the sound booth at church. He competed in a chemistry competition at the state capital just before the shut down last year

and this year he is doing accredited high school algebra in 7th grade.

He’s in youth group now and is a polite, kind, and responsible young man.

It’s wild to think of how many blocks he has stacked to get from that moment 13 years ago until now. I’m speaking metaphorically of course, but each of those little moments, those connections that our kids make as they develop into adulthood is significant. Side note for mothers of little ones, I messed up A LOT between then and now and God’s grace has not and never will run out. Z’s not perfect either, even with as much as I brag about him. Anyway, back to the point, I’m glad that I took time to recognize that moment with the blocks which prompted me to document another milestone because fast forward to now “and then this happened!”

Z is officially taller than me. He has been boasting so much about being the second tallest in the family that when he got a prize for an academic achievement from school one day Ezie asked “did you get that for being the second tallest in the family?”. He really thought that.

I can’t keep up with how fast he is growing or how much he is eating! When the weather changed and he went from shorts to pants last year all he had was size 14/16 and they were high-waters on him.

We finally replaced all of his pants with size 18, so no more Steve Urkel look! Except for the other day I griped at him because his ankles were showing again. I said “Z! I thought you got rid of all the size 16 pants. Why are you wearing those!?” He got defensive and said, “Mom, you just bought me these. If these are too small then it’s hopeless”. I hate to admit that I actually argued with him for a few minutes about the pants only to realize that he was right! I had bought those pants in November. Facepalm. So I accused him of wearing his pants too high! Yes, I did. I thought surely there must be a mistake. “If you lower your pants they will be long enough,” I told him. Then his level-headed dad got in on it and called me out on my denial. He was wearing his size 18 pants exactly where they should land on his waist and the real reason his pants were not long enough is that he is growing at a rapid pace because… he is a teenager now! I guess I have to accept it.

I have joked though that I am going to hold onto my top knot messy bun and high heels to try to be taller for as long as possible.

There are so many other major milestones coming up to look forward to (reality check, that was the rental he and his dad took on their big Chicago road trip last year).

Then I begin to think of what kind of things he will be accomplishing in another 13 years. Come to think of it, he will be the age I was when I wrote that blog post I referenced. Okay, I’m definitely not ready to think of that. Nope. I’m just going to enjoy this stage.

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Finding Fun Ways to Fuel Your Child’s Development



Helping a developing mind to reach its full potential is always a worthy goal for parents. Your children will always benefit from the time you put into enriching their lives and improving their education, and there are loads of ways to approach this that will appeal to your little one. Fueling your child’s development in fun ways is a good way to approach this, especially during winter. So, to help you out, this post will be exploring some of the options you have as you go through this.




Kids will always love to solve a puzzle, with satisfaction being found in overcoming a problem with their mind. Puzzle books are often best for this, providing them with a physical experience that will improve their reading and writing skills. If you want to get your hands on some great puzzle books, you can find them here, with countless options to choose from for most age levels. Of course, you have to make sure that the puzzles you give your child aren’t too difficult for them, as this could easily make them frustrated.




Computer programming is becoming an increasingly important skill in the modern world. Just like learning a language, starting early with something like this can make it much easier to fund success in the future. Plus, programming can help to teach a child about logic and maths. There are plenty of programming toys available on the market, as well as software applications that are designed for children. They won’t have to write any code, but they will still get to see what their work brings together.




Writing is a great way to explore the mind and expand your creativity, improving the vocabulary of those who spend enough time on it. Giving your children story ideas to write about can be a good way to spark their imagination, with a mix of writing on paper and typing being a good way to help them to develop well-rounded skills. Creative writing is a fun process, but you may need to provide them with books to read if they are going to reach their full potential with something like this.




Building toys have been popular for a very long time. Lego, Mechano, and a range of other products can be found that are designed to let your children build. Having the chance to make 3D objects can teach your child a lot about basic engineering, while also helping them to apply their creativity and have fun at the same time. It’s always worth giving them some choice when you offer them toys like this, making it easier for them to sink into the activity.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to provide your children with fun activities that will fuel their development. This can be easier than you might expect, with most kids being happy to embrace the activities you give them when they are interesting enough.



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Memoirs of Color

I love true stories! Last night we watched “Safety” on Disney+ and it was really good.

At the end when the credits started to come on I told the kids to wait, because my favorite part of movies based on true stories is when they tell where they are now, even better if they show photos. This movie had both. It even had video clips from the real-life brothers that inspired the movie.

I love reading true stories too and I have never been a girly girl when it comes to what kind of books I get into. I have read everything from “American Sniper”, the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. history, to “Save Me From Myself” by the former heavy metal rockstar from the band Korn. I read and am fascinated by a diverse range of stories.

I truly cannot keep up with the number of memoirs I have read. However, it occurred to me last year that I couldn’t recall one memoir I read that was written by a Black American woman. I’ve read lots of books written by and about women of color, but not a memoir. What’s up with that? So many true stories and I hadn’t read any that were a black female? I am embarrassed that this could be true. So I started looking into changing that. Some of my all-time favorite stories, movies, and music are all from black women so I thought it would be easy. A quick google search showed Michelle Obama’s book over and over, but I knew there must be more than one option when finally I stumbled upon the book Rabbit.

Rabbit is as an autobiography about a comedian who was born and raised in Atlanta at the height of the crack epidemic. From the back of the book- At age seven, Pat, known as Rabbit, was taught to roll drunks for money. At twelve, she was targeted for sex by an older man. By thirteen, she was pregnant. By fifteen, Pat was a mother of two. Alone at sixteen, Pat was determined to make a better life for her children. But with only an eighth-grade education, she had limited options. She learned quickly that hustling and humor were the only tools she had to survive. The book is described as an unflinching memoir of cinematic scope, wisdom, and unexpected humor that gives us a rare glimpse of what it’s really like to struggle and thrive in America.

I was intrigued.

I had never heard of Patricia Williams. a.k.a. Ms. Pat, a.k.a Rabbit, but that didn’t deter me. I don’t usually read books about things I am already interested in. I read out of curiosity about things that I don’t know anything about. The only catch is it has to be uplifting. I can’t handle something depressing and hopeless. There has to be a greater purpose to the story. Rabbit appeared to fit the criteria.

So I listened to the Rabbit audiobook which was even better than reading it because it was read by the author. I love it when books are read by the author. Their dialect, inflection, and tones are just another layer to the story. This book was entertaining, inspiring, and insightful! I barreled through to the end because it was so good. Patricia Williams is truly an overcomer, and I highly recommend this book. Since I am a family blogger I should mention that there is language and adult themes to the book, so I want to be sure to give a fair warning about that. However, if you like books that are about defeating the odds you will want to read this one.

The interesting thing to me is it reminded me of several other memoirs I’ve read such as Hillbilly Elegy, Educated, and The Glass Castle. All three of those books are about being raised in poverty in unconventional circumstances (to say the least), but then being able to break free of the cycle as adults. All three of those books have been on the New York Times Best Seller list with millions of copies sold. One was even turned into a major motion picture and another is a series on Netflix. So many people recommend these books and I can’t help but wonder why I had to consciously seek out a book like Rabbit, a memoir by a black female. I do know that I have already recommended it to friends and now I’m going to go ahead and blog about it!

So that’s my latest book recommendation- Rabbit by Patricia Williams with Jeannine Amber. I look forward to finding more diverse stories to dive into. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears!

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Chicken People Gifts

We watched a documentary called Chicken People a few years ago. The librarian said she really enjoyed it and in the end we all did. It’s all about crazy chicken people that breed and show chickens in poultry competitions. At the time we were not crazy chicken people and didn’t relate at all, but just thought it was neat to learn about. Now we recognize many of the breeds and vernacular so we watched it again and enjoyed it even more!

When it comes to chickens, my mom is a big fan. As of May of 2020, I am a sucker for pet chickens too. Even my brother and his family have chickens. We are one big happy chicken family. There is one person though that I think it’s safe to say loves chickens more than anyone else I know and that is my 10-year-old daughter, SJ.

She is obsessed.

For a child who was deaf and we feared would never speak, I am proud to say that she can talk nonstop for hours… about chickens. Seriously. Don’t get her started. She is committed to our little flock of 9 and has a bond with all of them.

I guess it should come as no surprise then that our family (particularly SJ) ended up with several chicken-related gift items over the holidays.

I got a painting by my sister-in-law’s mom.

It’s gorgeous and I will cherish it forever! Dede Collicott is an incredible painter from Atlanta and she has even been featured in many art shows. My mom and brother’s wife got paintings too. How perfect is that?

As far as SJ’s gifts, she got a Barbie with chickens!

She also got a book about how to train your chickens. She has read through it multiple times. She falls asleep reading it and even brought it on our Christmas vacation. So far she hasn’t successfully trained the chickens to do any tricks, but they do love her and mostly cooperate for her.

All of the grandkids of my mom and dad got this adorable Children’s book called Chicken talk. It’s a must-read!


My sister in law from Texas got us this cool puzzle.

On top of all that my mom scored this gingerbread chicken coop.

I had several people text me and tag me on this one knowing I had a chicken fanatic. Unfortunately, they were sold out everywhere (I guess crazy chicken people aren’t all that uncommon). However, my amazing mother was able to put in a raincheck at Tractor Supply and snagged one for SJ before Christmas.

Lastly, the greatest chicken gift of all is probably getting up to 6 eggs a day during these cold winter months. That’s something to cluck about!

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