My goodness. It’s been almost a month since my last blog post. That is completely unacceptable! I love blogging and I have so much to write about, but I have been short on time lately. So instead of doing one singular topic I am just going to spit out some recent happenings.

Okay, so first off Z went to camp. The power was out for almost two days and he broke his glasses, but even in spite of all that he had an amazing time! He had to leave camp just a tiny bit early though when we picked him up on our way to Iowa to meet up with J’s family. We honor J’s dad this father’s day by having a private memorial and scattering his ashes. It was deeply emotional but in a good healing way.

Beyond that we got to spend some much needed time together as a family.

On the way back home we stayed two nights in Chicago and my best friend Mels met us there.


I have to do another blog post on that one. I promised our air bnb host I would.

Just kidding. Well, J did hint that I was a blogger and in our hosts formal review of us he said that he was looking forward to the article. That’s not the only reason for that post though. I have lots of memories to share.

My actual birthday landed on the first day of our church’s VBS. I brought a cake that I happily decorated with all kinds of fun stuff (that’s another blog post too).

I also went to our friend’s farm. I have mentioned this farm and friend before. It’s very significant to us. There I was gifted with a new hen.

Her name is Lizzy and she gifted me with a pale blue egg on my birthday!

Anyway so VBS was awesome.

All of my kids loved it. This is SJ’s final year since she will be fully graduated from children’s church when school starts. In fact she has already started youth group. I know, I can’t believe it either.

July third I photographed a family reunion on the Cincinnati river. I have never been to a big family reunion like that. It was Mardi Gras theme and it was next level.

I loved being a part of it even though I was working. The next day was the fourth of July.


We always go to a big party thrown by my parents’ church (the one I grew up at). This is what I would call my family reunion. Not only do we see my parents and siblings, but old church friends and even friends from the Spanish church and French church. There is a big cook out, bounce houses, worship, and a really incredible fireworks show. What a way to celebrate!

That first week of July my kids also went to camp. It was four nights long! They had the best time though.

While the younger kids were away I ended up having some fun too. J and I were gifting tickets to see a string quartet play in an old cathedral by candle light. It was really cool.

Then lastly I photographed a proposal. J and I had to be incognito at a fancy restaurant where my client was bringing his soon to be fiance (she doesn’t know us so it wasn’t hard to blend in).

I can’t tell you how much fun this was. I knew it was one of the biggest nights of their lives and to see the joy and get to capture it was the best feeling.

There was a big surprise party afterwards too so the smiles kept being multiplied.

That’s certainly not all that this summer has entailed so far, but those are some highlights. It’s hard to believe there is only one month left. At the rate we are going I am sure we’ll make the most of it!