There has been a lot of hate for public schools right now. It’s a very prominent topic in political circles especially. As someone who sends my kids to public school I actually agree with a lot of the concerns from parents. I see so much wrong with the school system today and I’m not super enthusiastic about where it’s headed. However, as with any stereotype, there are usually exceptions. There are a lot of statements about democrats, white people, Russians, or Christians that are simply not true for the countless number of people that fall into those categories. So when I talk about loving MY school district, it’s just how I feel about OUR district. I’m not defending public schools as a whole. In fact, this time last year we were finishing up homeschooling. We homeschooled during the 2020/21 school year because I wasn’t happy with the school’s protocols for the pandemic.

Now that we are at the end of this school year I am feeling even more secure in that decision. In their final newsletters many teachers have said things like “This was such a great school year! I am so glad it’s been a fun and more normal year than last year” reminding me that I dodged last year all together. All the events we enjoyed like the school carnival, the art show, the MANY field trips, father daughter dance etc. were all canceled last year but were back again this year thank goodness.

I was hesitant to reenroll the kids in 2021 once talk of masks was brought up, but then I saw a rainbow the night of that important school board meeting and as cheesy as it sounds I knew the Lord was reminding me that he keeps his promises. I was at peace with our decision to send the kids back to school and it’s been a blessing to watch each one of them flourish.

While I love seeing test scores that reveal just how well my kids are doing I know it isn’t a true measure of success or understanding. What I really love seeing is their creativity, their interest in books and history and science. Even though Elle is struggling with reading she had a specialist that works with her and I have no doubt that she will blossom in her own time. No one is pressuring either of us.

All of their teachers are hands-on and make learning fun. I would pay good money for them to have these experiences (I am glad it’s free though, let’s be honest). I could go on and on about all that the teachers do to help these kids feel comfortable, inspired, and challenged every day. Here is a photo of SJ bringing a dozen eggs to school because her teacher asked if she could buy some and then insisted on paying her.

Then I found this math assignment that allowed SJ to use hens and hen houses as a way to understand the multiplication.


When they post photos and videos of the students they brag on them like a proud parent. For example this photo was shared with a caption about how the students spontaneously organized a class soccer game for those interested and she said “Great Kiddos!!!”  I’ve even received hand written notes in the mail about how well my kids are doing. I understand what a gift this is and I don’t take it for granted. 

As far as what kind of indoctrination is happing outside of the home I can’t possibly know everything that they are being exposed to. I know that we are putting great emphasis on faith in our home and they have Jesus in their hearts. Our pastor’s kids are at the same public school our kids are and I think the youth group and children that they spend their time with are a great influence and accountability for them.

All that to say I am so glad we put the kids back in school this year. I am always taking it one day and one child at a time and will continue to do so. For all the teachers I know that are out there doing a great job despite the obstacles you are facing I am so grateful for you. You all are heroes in my book! And for the families homeschooling and putting your kids in private schools the sacrifices you make are worth it. You are heroes too! I am envious of all the homeschool and private school perks. I just know it’s not the best fit for us right now.

So there you have it. I love our public school and I’m looking forward to 1st, 4th, 6th, and 9th grade!