Today, September 22, is officially the first day of fall. I’m always ready for fall when it comes, but I think most of us feel that way even more this year with all that is going on in the world. We had big plans for this summer. We were going to do an epic road trip to Colorado. It didn’t happen because of COVID, but we still made the most of the summer months.

Along with the MANY projects that we did this year we also managed to travel a little bit too.

My parents brought SJ and her cousin to Vermont for the ultimate best friends trip. They had a blast! I wasn’t with them, but I heard all about it!



Then it was the boys turn and they were whisked off to Hocking Hills where they got to sleep in Teepees! Ezie injured his shin in the creek and had to get stitches so that was a bummer. He’ll have a great battle wound to go with the awesome memories that were made during this trip.


J and I got to do our own little getaway. It was a ministry-related excursion to Fort Myers Florida. Our good friends are pastors there and were hosting a young adult worship night. It was so nice to visit with them and be in a tropical location for a change.

Last but not least Z and J went to Chicago for Z’s 13th birthday. Masks and closures put a slight damper on some of the plans, but not too much. It was a fun filled guys trip with lots of eating out, biking, and WALKING (the Fitbit read 30,000 steps one day!). They checked out some cool Chicago landmarks, went to the most incredible science museum and some omust-seet see places.

So even though we didn’t get to travel to the places we planned or go anywhere as a family, I am thankful that we were able to get out and about. We also made a lot of cool memories at home too. Summer 2020 ended up being pretty special after all.