How to Make a Nerf Party Cake


As promised, here is the Nerf Party Cake (modified version of the archery cake featured on


You will need

A box of cake mix and two 9″ round cake pans

2 cans of white frosting

13 KitKats or 4 of the XL size you find in the candy aisle of the grocery store

42 oz Party size bag of M&M’s

Nerf Dart



Bake the two round cakes according to package instructions.

Let cool for at least 15 minutes and trim the tops  with a knife to make them flat.

Place one round cake on your cake pan and frost the top.

Add the other layer (trimmed side down, smooth side up to make frosting easier).

Frost the entire cake liberally. It doesn’t have to be pretty because it will be covered with candy.

Separate the red, yellow, blue, and brown M&M’s.

You will need approximately

22 yellow

70 red

110 blue

50 brown

41 kit kat sticks trimmed to fit the height of the cake

Start your dart board design with adding a rim of brown m&m’s all the way around the diameter of the cake. This gives you a frame to line everything up with.

Next add approximately three more rows of blue M&M’s in a circle.

Then add three rows of red M&M’s.

Lastly, make a bullseye circle in the remaining space with yellow M&M’s.

Lining the cake with KitKat bars is easy. Just trim about a half inch off of the bottom of all the bars with a knife then stick them to the edge of the cake. They should stay in place without any trouble.

Then top off your cake with a decorative nerf dart. Just remove the M&M’s in one spot and gently push the Nerf dart into place.

I cut the cake servings with two Kitkats per slice. This meant that cake made about 20 servings.


It was festive and delicious. Most kids and adults will love it!


The candy is the priciest part and sorting the M&M’s was a bit time consuming, but the good news is I used the blue and orange for another side dish and I also plan to use the leftover green and brown for my other son’s party next month which is Ninja Turtle.


I would definitely make a cake like this again! I loved it. Next time maybe I’ll try a different pattern like a number or a flower. Oooh, now my wheels are turning!