SJ’s birthday is two weeks away and I am in full blown party mode. When I get going with party planning you have to use the emergency brakes just to get me to stop talking about cake and decorations.

 The theme this year is Tea Party. There maybe a sneak peak coming soon to share a little bit of what I am dreaming up, but until then let’s look back at some of SJ’s other parties.

I never would have thought of myself as “That Mom“. The big pinterest party type. But for the record, half of my children’s theme parties where pinned onto pinterest long before I had an account or even knew it existed. I just enjoy celebrating and creating, so birthday parties allow me to do both.

SJ’s first birthday was a cupcake theme

You have to visit the link to get the full effect with some close up photos, but thanks to my BFF who is a professional baker we had 70 GORGEOUS cupcakes that tasted insanely delicious. I want to recreate this for my birthday! Anyway, when I was pregnant with SJ we had announced to the entire church that we were having a girl by bringing pink cupcakes to a fellowship dinner. So that is what inspired this party.

The following year I was all pinked out, so I went a completely opposite direction with this Green Eggs and Ham party.

 This is my second most popular party on the pinterest circuit.  Again, you have to see the original post, but there are so many fun tiny details like green deviled eggs and green beverages. It was such an awesome party.

Then last year we went with a donut theme. I don’t know why all the themes are food related, but HEY it works. 

Click the link to see the incredible brunch spread with donut hole fruit kabobs, and a SJ’s adorable donut invitations. SJ’s offscreen name is Sedona and when she was just a tiny baby her two year old brother thought her name was donut. Sometimes we still call her our little donut so that is where the inspiration for her 4th birthday party came from.

Besides each party being food related there was also a bit of a book theme.

For the 1st birthday we gave her “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” 

Then her 2nd birthday the book was “Green Eggs and Ham” of course.

 And lastly the 4th party was “If You Give a Dog a Donut” 

So this year I need to find a Tea Party Children’s Book. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I am so excited for the whimsical tea party that is just around the corner. It’s going to be in our teeny tiny apartment this year so that will be a challenge, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. I think SJ and her guests will be delighted!