We celebrated Ezie’s 4th birthday on Sunday.


You can probably guess the theme from the above photo.

The buffet was pretty simple, regular ol’ party food.


I did do my signature fruit pizza using blueberries and pineapples to make the bat signal.


Their were two convenient coincidences about doing a batman theme.

  1. It’s almost halloween so it’s easy to find black/bat decorations everywhere right now!
  2. Elle’s party is in November and her theme is bumble bee so all the black and yellow stuff can be reused.

The cake was both a store bought batman cake and there were some really simple home made cupcakes free of dye and artificial flavors as well.


The number 4 candle was something my friend in Michigan had laying around. They knew Ezie would be turning 4 this year so when we were up there in July they asked if we wanted to take it with us. Candles are super cheap, so we certainly could have just bought one, but it was fun knowing a piece of Michigan was at the party.

We had different “stations” represented throughout the party and I made batman themed signs, but unfortunately our printer doesn’t work so at the last minute my parents darted off to Office Max for me. Hooray for helpful grandparents!


We had signs directing our guest to the bathroom (or bat-room as the sing indicates).


There was also a tattoo table.


And there was a costume station with a sign that said “Where is my super suit?” Can you name what movie that is from? The kids definitely could.


Then there were two games. The first was “Mr. Freeze Mission”. The idea is that Mr. Freeze froze batman and the party guests had to rescue him out of a block of ice.


They broke up into two teams and used water guns to squirt at the ice until batman was free.


The first team to rescue batman won. It was a little chaotic, but they all loved it. Mission accomplished.


The next game was one Z and J made for a cub scouts carnival last week called Whack-a-Villian. I read a really short story from a lego batman book that went with the theme of the game. Then each party guest had a turn to throw bean bags at the lego batman villains and knock them over. The two boys that got them all down won a prize.


That was about it other than presents and party favors.


We had 17 little ones running around in the back yard and the weather was great.


I am definitely pleased with how it all turned out and more importantly Ezie felt really special.

Happy birthday to my little super hero!