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  • SJ Latest Vocab Explosion

    This was one of my most recent updates about SJ's progress in her cochlear implant journey, which was posted August 12, 2014. "I feel like we have been at a stand still over the summer. [...]

  • A Progress Report

    SJ's last day of school was on Tuesday. She goes back again on Monday for summer school though. Speaking of which, I have a praise report about that. Last year we lived outside of Ohio [...]

  • A Recap of the First Year with Cochlear Implants

    It's been a year since SJ had her cochlear implant activated. There have been a lot of highs and lows, but I feel like FINALLY, we are getting some momentum and everyday SJ is saying [...]

Living in Holland (Thoughts From a Special Needs Mom)

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If you have a  child diagnosed with some form of special needs then you have probably come across the "Welcome To Holland" essay by Emily Perl Kingsley. Basically it compares the shock of finding out your child has a disability to [...]

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