SJ’s last day of school was on Tuesday. She goes back again on Monday for summer school though. Speaking of which, I have a praise report about that. Last year we lived outside of Ohio so we had to do a great big fundraiser to collect the $800 she would need for the program. You may remember that. This year since we moved we were supposed to get funding through our counties developmental disability services. Turns out they ran out of money. I didn’t even know that could happen. Panic struck, but I just did not feel led to try to get all of the money on my own like I did last year. The school helped us apply for some grants and today I got an email saying it was all covered through the Building Blocks 4 Kids foundation. I will share more about that later.

We went through some tough times here recently with SJ not wanting to wear her cochlear implant at home. I am fine with her taking a break her and there, but this was starting to happen far too often. I talked to the team at her school during one of my parent education sessions and I hate to say I shot down their ideas left and right, but I did. I wasn’t trying to be difficult, it’s just that I had tried it all before. Then her teacher mentioned perhaps decorating the implants or letting her pick out her bows and head band. She knew that SJ enjoys dressing herself and showcasing her own sense of style. I told them I would give it a try. Every set of implants comes with a cover that you can put on the outside to add some flair. Long story short, we’ve been alternating covers and it has helped a ton! She isn’t wearing the headbands as often and that can be a hassle, because her ears are so small and the devices so big, but I am just glad she’s wearing them. 
I feel very encouraged as we close the chapter of this school year. This is the first time she was able to start and finish a program. After her diagnosis we went from doctor to doctor and therapist to therapist. There was a lot of change and adjustment in that season. Now that we have settled on this school for her we are staying. It’s like I said about not moving from our apartment, it’s the slightest sense of stability. I like that. 
As I look back at where we were last year tears come to my eyes. We were still working on the idea of listening and responding to her name which is something I don’t even think about anymore. At the end of school last year she had about a dozen words, now she has hundreds. I can’t keep track, and every time I turn around I hear her say things I didn’t realize the she new like “basket, shovel, scoot back, tomorrow…” The latest sentences she has said completely on her own that have taken me off guard are
Daddy HAS keys
I want CHOCOLATE milk
I NEED help WITH socks
Mommy sit RIGHT HERE
I DON’T like chicken NASTY (compared to “no chicken” or just a complete melt downa couple months ago)
I capitalized some of the words that she recently added.  
She is doing great, but I have never once thought that it was all happening quicker than I expected. I don’t take any of her progress for granted, but it feels like a “slowly but surely” process. I am so glad that she has ended this school year on a good note though. It’s encouraging and I need all the motivation I can get to cross the bridge of the summer.