Last Friday I shared this photo and update on the Messy Mom Facebook page.


Great news! I always grocery shop on Friday nights (it’s a glamorous life). Tonight J is busy and we needed groceries. I am proud to say I went grocery shopping with all four kids and I didn’t loose any children or steal any products (that I know of, I probably should have given the kids a pat down). We may have come home with a little more junk food than usual, but all in all it was a success! 

By the way I usually use reusable bags and prefer it because they hold more… 

Talking about the reusable bags reminded me of a recent look back and laugh with a quirky outspoken bag boy.


I usually get as many freebie bags as I can. Most of them aren’t cutesy, but who cares. I rarely pay attention to what’s on the front. Not so for my bag boy on this particular day. He had an ongoing commentary for every bag that he filled.

employee: Oh Minnie Mouse! Did you go to Disney world?

me: Uh, no that was a bag my daughter got a present in for Christmas last year.

employee: I see you have a Meijer’s bag. That’s our competitor. Their prices are not as low I can tell you that.

employee: Is this your Doctor? Grabs a pink bag that has “Women’s health specialists” with Doctors names on it

me: Um, yeah (it was technically an ObGyn thank you very much. I never had anyone ask about it before, but at this point I am starting to feel self conscious).

He truly did go on and on until the bags were full and loaded into the cart. I quickly paid and he asked if I needed help getting them to the car. I declined. I felt like he already knew too much about me just by examining my reusable bags who knows what a trip to the car would entail.

In all seriousness though, he gave me a good laugh as I thought about it on the way home. He was an interesting character, but he was friendly. We need more friendly people in the world so more power to him.