ezie star wars melt down

This is an unrelated photo from last week.

Ezie is kind of into Star Wars these days. He isn’t even aware of the original film, but I think just the concept of there being war in the stars evoke some sense of early masculinity in the heart of most boys I guess.

One day I was cleaning (as I do every once in a while) and I needed the vacuum attachment to get the cobwebs out of the corners in the ceiling. Ezie had been playing with the crevice tool and I told him that mommy needed it now.

No! I pway with it. He argued.

I am sorry, but mommy needs it now. You can play with it when I’m finished. 

He wasn’t going down without a fight. I think I was Darth Vader in his eyes at the moment. So I had to eventually do the ole grab-and-go technique. I snatched the attachment from him and that is when he lost his ever loving mind.

Now this isn’t my first rodeo so I just continued doing what I had to do and started vacuuming despite his cries of sheer horror. He grabbed my legs begging and pleaded and shouting


I figured that the crevice tool was his lightsaber. I have an imagination too and I can totally get that it looks like a lightsaber.


I shouted back over the roar of the vacuum.

I know honey, Star Wars. Just a minute and you can have it back.

His face was turning red as he panted

Starararar Warararars….

I felt bad, but soon enough I was done and handed him his lightsaber back. He looked inside the vacuum part and was not satisfied. Buckets of tears ran down his cheeks and he managed to squeak out

Star wars in there

and he pointed to the vacuum. I admit I was confused for a minute and then it hit me!

I pulled the vacuum apart and because I am a loving and courageous mother I dug into the vacuum bag full of dirt and hair (and possibly dead insects). Sure enough there was a mini R2-D2 figurine which he had lodged into the crevice tool before I took it from him, turned on the vacuum, and sucked it into a galaxy far far away. He wasn’t trying to get his lightsaber, he was trying to get me to give him his toy!

Once reunited with his beloved R2D2 I was a heroic Jedi.

That was a close one though.