Inspiring Moms is an original Messy Mom series that features a different mother (or mother figure) each month to tell their story. The reason I chose that name was because in this context it fits perfectly as a verb and an adjective. The goal is for this to be a community of mothers that come from all kinds of diverse walks of life to inspire one another.

The series launched in early 2017 and since then we’ve had so many moms with different ages and backgrounds share their unique testimonies. Being able to feature these powerful heroic women is one the most anticipated reads on Messy Mom. Some of the moms featured have big platforms and successful full-time careers, other moms have walked through heartache or overcome obstacles. Being an Inspiring Mom is all about showing up and putting your heart on the line for your children and your family. Here are some of the stories that have been highlighted so far:


April 2017- Suzanne Sorenson shares what it was like surviving a tornado and having to start all over as well as having a son with a rare disability.

May 2017- Heidi Lewiston Talks about her experiences as a Navy Wife, a mother of four, and reflects on some of her favorite memories from Isreal. At 96 years old Heidi had a lot of wonderful advice and insight. *

June 2017- Susan Shipe had adventurous tales of being a single mom and encountering the Lord while… smoking pot!?! She even worked for Donald Trump. Her story may sound bazaar but it is a testimony of provision and restoration that will increase your faith!

July 2017- She was a teacher, foster parent, and founder of a bilingual preschool before she and her husband picked up and moved their whole family to HONDURAS. Life is very different on the Caribbean island but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

September 2017- Tiffany Williams shares what it was like having 4 children ages four and under and all in diapers not to mention a traumatic postpartum heart failure experience. Her testimony is powerful!

October 2017- Jen Hill is homeschool mother of six. Her world was turned upside down when their three-year-old son was in a lawn equipment accident that left him as a double amputee. Their family motto: Jesus is enough.

November 2017- Amanda Huffman shares her experience as an air force veteran who had been deployed to Afghanistan and a husband who currently still serves. Lots of wisdom from this heroic mother of two.

December 2017- Angie Keith experienced the worst heartache any mother could face when one of her twin daughters passed away during a nap on Thanksgiving Day. Just when you think there is no way God could turn this tragedy around He does and it is incredible.

January 2018- Monica Ramey is the author of Walking in Dominion, which is her memoir of going through the vicious cycle of abusive broken relationships and even having her own son kidnapped and taken to another country and how God still never gave up on her through it all.

February 2018- Lora Kendrick opens up about what it is like having a daughter who is the recipient of a heart transplant and how they have kept their family together throughout the trials of life.

March 2018- Christen Dierken wrestled on a men’s wrestling team and was an Olympic hopeful. She is a mother to one beautiful baby girl and is a true model of strength and perseverance.

April 2018- Lauren Béa is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist that is married to a professional football player. She shares how to keep family first while being in the spotlight.

May 2018- Tiffany McNair and her husband adopted a little girl from Congo after they had three biological children. They thought the bringing her to the US would be the hardest part but that was really only the beginning.

June 2018- Kristi Capel has her dream career as anchorwomen on an award-winning morning news show. Her greatest job of all though is being a mom!

July 2018- Kerry Howard tells her heart-wrenching story of surviving an abusive impoverished upbringing and turning things around after adopting her 5 year old niece when Kerry was only 18!

September 2018- Kadi Spurlock was willing to give up their home and their dream in Colorado so that they could live at sea level due to their daughter’s rare disorder that thrived in high altitudes.

February 2019- Lula Gibbs was raised as a sharecropper in Alabama. She is a true warrior who victoriously overcame many obstacles living in the deep south before and during the civil rights movement.

April 2019 Hashmareen Griffin was born and raised in Sri Lanka until her early teen years where her family moved to the US and she became an international runway model!

September 2019 Anna Slayton was already struggling through a difficult marriage when things hit rock bottom after her toddler drowned in a pool. God hadn’t forgotten about Anna though and was going to use her as an activist and bring healing to her life.

August 2019 Tiffanie Marquez is mother of 6 who gives us a peek inside the world of home birth as midwife in Colorado.

October 2019 Misty Pearson is a wife and mother who is also an engineer working for NASA. She shares behind the scoop about working with astronauts and how being a mom actually made her better at her job.

November 2019 Marci Wease is self-professed “Junk Artist” Marci Wease. While she is a forensic DNA analyst by day she is also a picker on the side. She creates the most exquisite pieces of art from stuff that people throw out.

February 2020 Jean Schmidt is an Ohio State Representative who has run 149 marathons! She was a stay at home mom when her kids were younger and has always been passionate in her fight to protect the unborn.

January 2024 Ashley Roche  Ashley was addicted to methamphetamine for over ten years when God miraculously transformed her life. Her and her sons’ lives were saved (spiritually and physically) because of Jesus!


*Only a few weeks after writing the piece and talking with Heidi on the phone about how much she loved the article Heidi unexpectedly and peacefully passed away in her home. I believe the Holy Spirit orchestrated the timing of this interview and it was an honor to share this glimpse at Heidi’s precious life from her own perspective.