Today I am so excited to introduce this month’s Inspiring Mom, singer song writer Lauren Béa! Her latest single, Sovereign Still was just released and is available for download everywhere you stream music. Sovereign Still is an upbeat song that will get in your head and you will be glad it is!  For me it serves as a much needed reminder that God is in control!


Lauren has been spending a lot of her time lately in the studio working on her upcoming album, so be on the lookout for that because it’s going to be amazing. Her music is produced by Otto Price who has also produced music for King and Country and BarlowGirl. I had to name drop here because I own albums from both of those bands and love them.

Lauren writes from a heart of worship and her songs are written about her life, faith, and family all of which she talks about in our recent interview so let’s get right to it!

First off I asked Lauren to tell us about her beautiful family and she said

” My husband is an NFL linebacker and we have been married for 3 years.

We have one daughter named Kaidence. She is two years and a half years old and I can honestly say that motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My favorite part of motherhood would be when Kaidence shows affection back to me, or seeing her learn and discover new things. The look and passion in her eyes is what completely melts me.”


They are the cutest family ever and I wanted to post a million pictures here but I used restraint. To see all the sweetness you can join the thousands of others who are already following Lauren on Instagram @laurenbeamusic. You can also see more on Youtube where Lauren and Keenan have allowed us a peek into their lives on their youtube channel and that is so much fun to watch.

I especially love this video that shows an inside look at the sidelines as an NFL family.

I asked Lauren to share her thoughts about her husband’s career in the NFL and she said

“I do love the NFL life, however it has its pros and cons. I love getting to see my husband do what he loves but the injuries do not make it worth it to me. Most people do not see the behind the scenes of this life. After every game his body feels like it has been in an accident, he has cuts all over his body and he is just completely worn out. It’s hard seeing continuous injuries like torn muscles and broken bones but I am supportive because it is what he loves to do.”

While Keenan’s passion is playing football, Lauren’s passion is definitely singing.

She started singing when she was six years old she said, “I used to take my mom’s walkman, listen to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion and sing along at the top of my lungs.” and she’s worked hard ever since then to get where she is today. Lauren says  “It takes a lot of behind the scenes work before a lot of things even come forth. I have spent numerous hours writing and creating in the studio and working on the business side of it! When you finally see the finished product it makes everything worth it!”

One of her other singles is called Wild Flower and it is an anthem for women everywhere. 

I asked Lauren what inspired Wild Flower and she said

“I wanted to write a song that empowered women. When I was writing the song, the image of a wildflower popped into my head. Wildflowers are naturally beautiful as they are. You do not have to add anything to their beauty and they stand tall in their existence. Women too should embrace being like wildflowers accepting who they are completely and knowing they are beautiful no matter what.”

I absolutely love that message and I love how Lauren not only sings about it but she shows what true strength and beauty is to her daughter and to all that look up to her as an artist.

My last question for Lauren was asking her how she balances family life and her spiriutual walk with careers that keep them on the road and in the spotlight. Her answer is one that we could all benefit from no matter what our hobbies or careers are:

“It is all about balance. I am still figuring this out myself but I know my days go so much smoother when I spend time with the Lord before my morning begins. Once my heart is right, everything else will be also. I also have to set aside specific time for doing music and being with my family. I really have to be intentional on where my mind is at the moment and if I am with my family, my mind needs to be with my family and not on music.”

That really was my last question but then this pictuer popped up in Lauren’s feed and I had to ask, How the heck did you end up meeting Oprah!?

She said they met at Minnie’s Food Pantry Gala, which is a non profit organization they give to and serve with every year. Pretty cool.

To keep up with Lauren you can find her album, videos, updates and all that on her website or on most social media platforms under the handle “laurenbeamusic”. I already mentioned that she is on instagram and youtube, but you can also follow her on twitter, facebook, and  spotify .


I want to thank Lauren for sharing part of her story with us. We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Lauren Béa music!