For 15 years I was a stay-at-home mom with a couple of side hustles. That part of my life is a beautiful, invaluable sacrifice that is worth more than I could ever obtain by any earthly measure. While I am clearly still a full time mom,  I am also working outside of the home now. I have been a substitute teacher for two years and it has been an incredible experience. I love subbing!

My favorite part is getting to see my kids, my friends’ kids, and my kids’ friends!

Everyone always asks me how my kids feel about that and the answer is- they like it. They aren’t embarrassed or shy about me being at their schools, thank goodness. Ezie is the only one who has ever laid out ground rules. Before I was his substitute teacher the first time he told me I wasn’t allowed to show pictures of him or call him by his nick name (bubba bear). I agreed to this and stayed true to my word.

I was each of my  kids’ teachers at least once in the 22/23 and 23/24 school years.

One of my other favorite things about subbing is being all kinds of teachers. I have been a sub in pottery class, sign language class, behavioral management room, art, calculus, music, biomedical science, library, preschool, and so much more! What an adventure it has been. The only class I never tried subbing for was P.E. and that was by choice.














I also get asked about my favorite school/age to teach. I’ve always answered that high school is my jam. First of all it’s the easiest because they are mostly self sufficient. Also I have been  youth leader in the past, I have a teenager, and I guess I just like it at the high school. Everyone is shocked by that, because high schoolers are intimidating, but my experience hast been positive. I was actually a substitute  way back in my early twenties before I had children and we lived in Texas. I remember subbing for kindergarten and swearing that I would never do it again!!! It was the worst. Kindergarten teachers are angels on earth and I am so in awe of all they do. It’s not easy job.

I kind of changed my tune a little tiny bit earlier this year though when I worked a long term subbing job where I was an aide part of the day in two different kindergarten classes. Now that was a position that I LOVED. Kindergarteners are a handful but they are soooo sweet. They give hugs, they say funny things, pick you flowers, and give you sweet notes and they are just so stinking cute. I have a ton stories I could share about the time I spent with the kindergartners. I got really attached and it was hard to say goodbye when that job ended. The cool thing is Ezie, who is in 5th grade, got assigned as a reading helper for some boys in Kindergarten. My heart melted when he told me their names and I knew that he was helping two of my little buddies learn to read!

I have had some emotional days as a sub where I helped students dealing with some really sad or tragic things. It breaks my heart, but I know God placed me in that place with those kids for a reason. I also had some hard days were kids pushed my buttons and made want to scream (I’m looking at you junior high). As a whole though being in the schools has been such a blessing and I am grateful for the past two years.

This season of subbing is now coming to a close and while it is bitter sweet I feel like God has led me to this next position. As of today I am working full time as an aide/paraprofessional at the high school! I was not looking for a full-time job but it just kind of fell in my lap and I am beyond excited to see where it goes. I will share more later about the job, but let me get this first week under my belt.

PS, one more thing about subbing that I love is hanging out with FACILITY DOGS! Oh the joy they bring. That’s all.