I am so guilty of this quote except I always say “after this month” or “after this season” things will slow down a bit. Lately it’s been- when school lets out things will slow down a bit.

When school lets out I will get together with my friends, and I will blog more, and I will do that project I’ve been putting on the back burner… The truth is I know summer will go by in a blink!

The reason life has been so hectic lately has some to do with working full time now, for sure. But it’s also soccer season for two of the kiddos.

Some weeks that means we have soccer every single day.

Most weeks it’s only six days a week but that’s still overwhelming. Z has been busy doing exams some of which have college credit riding on them! He also applied for a job and did his first job interview, so there are a lot of big time adult things happening there.

Today the song “Don’t Throw Out My Legos” came on. It’s about growing up, and it made me tear up big time. He’s only a sophomore so I know I need to get a grip. Do they have grips on Amazon? Because I am not sure I can get anything without two day shipping these days.

Lastly we can’t forget the baby of the family. Elle made the cheer team.

Actually she didn’t have to try out or make the team, but it sounds nice. Cheer uniforms are pricey, like I’ve been told to save up for my kids college educations, or maybe my daughter’s weddings but I think they need a 529 for sports uniforms. As someone who is no stranger to buying things second hand (I would say 90% of our clothing and furniture is previously owned) I joined a Facebook group that is exclusively for buying and selling cheer gear for our team. We tried on four different uniforms without success. Eventually I bought the jacket from one person, the skirt from another, and the “shell” (which is like a vest or a shirt) from a  third seller. They often come as a set but that route wasn’t working for me.

All that to say the Busch family is keeping busy.

We have two weeks left of school and after that things will slow down about and then I’ll be able to blog more. Insert winking emoji here.