2023 was an amazing year in the end. An ER visit, panic attacks, and prescription meds still loom as one of the big grey clouds that hung over a good part of the year so I want to be transparent about that. However, I am so thankful to report that I experienced healing and freedom from that. I still don’t even have a diagnosis, but I am thankful that whatever was causing shaking, anxiety, insomnia, and heart palpitations from April to August is gone now. Praise God!

When I look past that and really explore all that happened I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Let’s take  a look shall we?

In January I started a Bible reading plan called The Bible Recap with Tara Leigh Cobble.

I was able to finish the whole Bible on December 31st as planned. This is a first for me! I highly reccomend this podcast and Youversion plan if you are looking for a way to read the Bible in one year.

Also Z got braces and his drivers permit!

One of the biggest highlights of my year was taking SJ to Sedona Arizona for her 13th birthday.


In April I got the very first copy of my book Hope at the Threshold. It was a stressful dream come true. What I mean by that is this whole process has stretched me to the max and I’ve felt like throwing in the towel so many times. I would still do it over again though. It’s so worth it. I was also able to speak at a women’s night at my church and that was an incredible and meaningful experience that I will never forget.

The spring was busy, busy, busy,with soccer and ultimate frisbee and SJ graduating from elementary school.

Also, Elle got hearing aids again. I know it’s confusing, some people remember that she had them as a baby, but then she managed fine for a long long time until the school tested her and referred us to a specialist. Her audiologist has been keeping track of her hearing loss and after it declined to a certain point we made the decision for her to wear hearing aids again. She only uses them at school and we are find with that.

In June we went to Mackinac island to celebrate some of our close friends getting married. J was actually in the wedding.

It was our first time staying on the island. We had a blast!

July we did a float trip with the youth group and went to Texas to visit with friends and family.

August was the launch of my LLC and my book Hope at the Threshold.

I already have a blogpost about that one. It was one of the greatest days of my life and I am so thankful for all the support of my friends and family, that is 100% what made the day so special. Yes it was a relief to see years of hard work come to fruition, but it would have been nothing if it weren’t for the people surrounding me and routing for me. I am a blessed woman.

Right after that we had a big ole sweet 16 birthday party for Z.

That was super special. Then Ezie had a party for his 11th and Elle got to celebrate her 8th birthday.

We have birthdays one month apart in the summer and fall. SJ is the lone ranger in March.

We had an epic record breaking (in days) camping trip in Hocking Hills in the fall.

Then of course all the numerous fall and Christmas festivities which were all great!

There were so many wonderful memories that I didn’t even mention like when Z and SJ were both on the same frisbee team in the fall or a special Thanksgiving and Christmas with my side of the family and a visit from family in Texas. Sometimes the challenging times want to stick out and get all the attention, but when I scroll through photos I see that 2023 was beyond incredible. What a great year!