This recent tweet of mine is SO TRUE! I don’t get a lot of adult interaction throughout my day and so I listen to podcasts where other adults talk to each other about some of the stuff that I am into. I’ll be cleaning the toilet or folding laundry while I listen to Jen Hatmaker talk to the Chewbacca mom and I feel like they are in my room helping me fold and we are all just guffawing and talking about Chuys Mexican restaurant. Seriously. The last four episodes have been soooo good. Anyway, so I love podcasts and I switch up every few months or so, but at this current time here are my top five.

  1. For the Love with Jen Hatmaker

2857364_3036765_1519751838I pretty much already talked about this one. I don’t listen all the way through every episode depending on the guest but this last month’s series For the Love of Laughter definitely had me fangirling. The first guest was Anjelah Johnson (I saw her at a women’s conference once and have loved her ever since) and there were two online viral comedians who I didn’t know I loved but man they had so many amazing truths to share. I literally took notes! And she also interviewed my man Jon Crist who I adore. If you don’t follow him on Instagram you should. He is so funny and his instastories are the best.

2. Typology with Ian Morgan Cron



I don’t know if any of you are into the Enneagram but I am trying to be. That’s what the Typology podcast is all about. I love the guests on this show. If you have ever listened to Waterdeep or read the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog at all you probably will too. One guest was Shauna Niequist who was also a guest on Jen Hatmaker’s podcast.

3. Dream Big with Eva Karpman


I just recently discovered this little gem. The host of the show is only 8 years old, but she is so smart and fun. You will immediately fall in love with her enthusiastic personality. The show is for kids of all ages (including grown ups who are kids at heart). The features Eva, her mom, and amazing guests that inspire kids to reach their dreams. One of my favorite episodes is an interview with Haben Girma, the first deafblind graduate from Harvard Law school. Oh my gosh she is incredible. I also learned a lot in the Whole 30 episode with Melissa Hartwig who by the way was also on Jen Hatmaker’s podcast!

4. Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller


This podcast gives advice to business owners and content creators (like bloggers) to help them clarify their message. I don’t listen to all of them, but there are a lot of guests that I really enjoy and I have learned a lot from this podcasts. One of my favorite episodes was an interview with Auntie Anne Beiler (who started Auntie Anne’s pretzels). Her story was phenomenal! Who knew she used to be Amish!? And because I am tying everyone to Jen Hatmaker I can’t go without mentioning that Donald Miller interviewed Rachel Hollis who was also on, you guessed it, the For the Love Podcast. The cool thing is when Jen Hatmaker interviewed her I get to hear about her testimony and it’s awesome. When Donald Miller interviewed her it was all about the nitty gritty of her career as a writer and I got so much out of it!

5. How I Built This


I saved the best for last. I am probably the all-time biggest How I Built This fan. It’s an NPR podcast hosted by the one and only Guy Raz. Each week features different “innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists” who share how they became successful. It’s usually a rags to riches story. A lot of the Shark Tank investors have been on the show. I am an entrepreneur to the core and I am a sucker for true stories that inspire. This show is my jam. One of my favorite episodes was an interview with celebrity chef Jose Andres from Barcelona who brought the small plate movement to the US. I will always remember the part of the story where he shared about his upbringing in Spain and having cooking traditional spanish pies for friends and family. Andrés said

“He would never let me cook. My father would always put me in charge of making the fire. He would send me into the forest to pick out the wood. And one day I got upset and I said ‘Daddy I want to cook’ and he said ‘No I need you in charge of the fire. It is very important’  I was so upset with him that he sent me away and when the pie was finished and he fed everybody, he took me aside and told me ‘my son I thought that you understood. I gave you the most important task. Cooking itself is easy if somebody is controling the fire. You want to be a great cook, be in charge of the fire then you will be able to cook whatever you want in life”

When I heard this guy who is now a world-renowned celebrity chef tell this story (with his heavy Spanish accent for the record) I was just blown away. I say this one was my favorite but I have a lot of favorites. The couple that made the Chipmunks, Melissa and Doug, the Chuck E Cheese story, BET network of all things. There are so many great stories. I don’t have any guest that were on Jen Hatmaker’s blog. Not yet anyway.

So those are my top 5 for now. I am always looking for more to listen to though so please share your favorites with me!