It was a random day in May last year when I woke up to the most gorgeous scenic fog I  have ever seen. This is where being a professional photographer on the side definitely has its perks because with zero preparation I was able to do a 15 minute photo shoot that we will cherish for a lifetime. I told SJ to put on a pretty dress and meet me outside. The results were breathtaking!





Now to put it in perspective this is a photo taken on my phone in the same spot.


And here is one unedited uncropped, exactly how it looked on my camera.



I love how even the neighbor’s woodpile in the back covered with a tarp looks like a boulder. I also love all the little imperfections. The flower was actually a decorative flower and when SJ and Elle had rose printed dresses one year I glued the rose to a hair clip. The bow in the back is haphazardly tied instead of picture perfect. I also love how her little bare feet have dirt on them and the swing is handmade by her dad. I know these are things that no one else would notice or realize when they see the whole picture, but they are the kind of details that I can drive me crazy if I let them. I start wishing the swing was more vintage looking and that her bow flowed more or that the flower matched her dress. It’s ridiculous. I know. Then I embrace it and like the picture even more because of how spontaneous and real it was. It’s like I am at war with my laid back authentic self and the Pinterest devil inside me.




I’m really happy with the way it all turned out and I have been saving these photos for a special occasion which first off was her 8th birthday. I will probably use them for her birthday party invitations too, and graduation now and graduation in 11 years, and her wedding day! Needless to say I am a little obsessed, with both the pictures and the subject. Happy birthday little princess.