It’s officially one week since our first day of the  2019/2020 school year (just typing 2020 seems unreal by the way).

My mom laughed when I told her “it’s been a great year so far” on the third day of school. Obviously, there is a long way to go, but knowing your teacher, classmates, and schedule is a big win and if your launch is a success it’s a good indicator or how the rest of the year will hopefully go.

Before school started they had open house and meet the teachers. Our school does a tradition where all the coaches, teachers, and even the principal get on a school bus and stop at different neighborhoods in the district and pass out popsicles.

The closest stop for us was a mile and a half away. It was a lovely day so we loaded up the wagon, scooter, and bikes to go meet the teachers.

SJs teachers from last year were thrilled to see her and hear about her summer.

They even introduced her to her new teacher. It was really special.

I have so much gratitude for teachers.


All three of my school age kids are making big jumps this year.

Ezie is going from half day PM kindergarten to first grade, so he is in the full day program for the first time.

He started reading last year, but it’s still emerging so I am excited to see him become a more fluent reader and writer. Right now the thing he is most excited about is lunch and recess. One of his best friends from our church has recess with him so I am really happy for both of them.

SJ is now in third grade.

This is the grade that she would have started last year if we hadn’t chosen to retain her. A year later we still feel like that was definitely the right decision. I know she is ready for third grade now. She has a year of mainstream schooling under her belt and she can enter this new grade level with confidence.

She has multiple teachers and she will even be switching classes, so they really dig deep into the individual subjects. So far she has already connected with her teachers. Her favorite part has been tending to the milkweed garden on the school grounds and observing monarch caterpillars! She is also looking forward to getting back into gymnastics soon. Even though we took the summer off she has continued to excel and loves to practice her back-walk-over which she still has yet to master but it’s getting close! I can’t seem to get a video of her to post so here is a pick of her working towards the splits.

Z is the big dog on campus.

The elementary school here goes up to 6th grade which I think is great. The downside is there are some programs he can participate in like choir and band but they are off campus and he’s decided not to do them this year. Also, he is in several AP classes which are a part of the Junior High program but they have it set up as some kind of a satellite program since he is still in elementary school. It’s okay though. He likes his school and has lots of friends since this is now his third year there.

One big change that is almost hard for my little mama heart to bear is that he graduated the children’s church program and is now in youth group! We are very good friends with the youth pastor and leaders so I know he is in good hands. One of the leaders even brought him on a camping trip. It’s the same one we went on as a family but he rode with and hung out with all the older boys.

He had a blast and has also gone out to eat with the youth group after church a couple of times. Z is still definitely interested in robotics and the practices for his competition have already begun. Between all of that and watching him volunteer on the tech team at church I am just blown away by how fast he is growing up.

At least I am still taller than him. He has surpassed my shoe size though!

Elle is at home with me this school year. She is three years old and still has two years left until kindergarten so I am in no hurry to rush schooling.

I am believing for great things for all of them. I know that the newness and energy of it all will fade soon enough so I am soaking up the good attitudes while I can. They all three wake up, get ready, and are relatively excited to get to school.

I realize this could change at any minute so we’ll see what week two holds.