So I totally missed doing an update at 10 months for Ezie who is 11 months today. He gets the short end of the stick as the third born when it comes to photos and documentation. No shortage in the lovin’ department though. As I told him this morning “I love you to the moon and back, and every single space in-between, without a doubt forever and always” and then I give him  a zillion smooches until his chubby little face starts to look completely bored. Seriously though, he is the best baby ever. We are so blessed to have this breath of fresh air in our lives.

As far as his 9 month milestones he has had an eventful summer.

He went in a pool for the first time. I shouldn’t be surprised that he loves water, he was a water birth after all.

He also started singing at 9 months, I shouldn’t be surprised by this either. His dad has done vocal performance for the past 20 years. This isn’t the best clip (and there is not any visual since I was driving), but Ezie has a variety of tunes with different tempos and unintelligible lyrics. He sings a lot and it’s adorable.

He also went from showing no interest in movement and being completely stationary to suddenly crawling like there is no tomorrow. I love to hear his hands pitter patter on the floor. Cutest thing ever.

This is his Batman costume from Z’s party. Definitely more photos coming SOON.

At 9 months old Ezie started pulling himself up to a standing position. He has tried to cruise around a bit, but has had no success at this point.

Another milestone was his first hearing test in a sound booth. His right side technically needs to be retested because he scored so low, but we are all confident that the reason was fatigue since they tested the left side first. There are absolutely no red flags for Ezie’s hearing, other than having parents that have connexin 26.

Now onto what happened at 10 months old. 

He got 3 new teeth, for a whopping total of 11 teeth, and he has 3 more on the way.

He is also pointing and mimicking a lot of words, sounds, rhythms, and gestures.

His first flight was last month from Ohio to Texas and he did so good. He slept most of the time both ways.

He is still nursing every 5 hours (give or take) and he naps 3 times a day. His favorite distraction is straws believe it or not. He loves to gnaw, tap, throw, and twist plastic straws which is great because they are usually pretty easy to come by.

Lastly, I must confess that I still carry all of his 24 pounds around in the infant car seat. I know he is ready to graduate up to the next size and I get comments on that, but the problem is I have two other kiddos to keep up with. In an emergency I can set Ezie down if he is in his car seat, which comes in handy if, lets say I need to pick SJ up from throwing a tantrum in the parking lot, or help Z with his belt in the restroom. Hopefully he will be able to stand up on his own soon and then I will feel more comfortable carrying him around without the car seat.

 I wear Ezie in the Ergo backpack style everyday to the bus stop and on nature walks, or even while decorating a birthday cake!

I can’t believe the next time I do a monthly update he will be a year old. Insert pouty face here. I have never been this attached to the baby stage. As far as being so far behind on keeping track of all of his milestones and baby memories, that is my goal for the next month. I have to get cracking on his baby book and our family albums. I am going to take some professional 1 year photos too! Hold me to it, okay?