The last time I did a theme party was when SJ turned 2 (a year and a half ago). I was more than ready to jump in with both feet this year for Z’s 6th birthday. I’ve known for almost a year that we were going to do the super hero theme. It’s so trendy right now and it’s always in style for boys, so there was no shortage of ideas or resources to pull from. And as always I came up with some Messy Mom originals. I will share all about the craftsy pinterest inspired stuff later, but for now lets just take a peak at what my son called the best birthday party of his entire life.

The best part about having a super hero party is getting to be a Super Hero.

We had extra costumes, just to be sure no one was left out.

My SUPER talented dad threw together a city scape backdrop to use for photos and I would love to show you dozens of pictures because they were all so cute and fun, but I’ll narrow it down to a few for now, how about that? 

Another highlight of the event was the homemade batman piñata.

They took turns hitting it with a big cane and it wasn’t long before…

candy and treats showered all over the little heroes. YAY!

Unfortunately, right after that we had to use our super speed powers to rush inside to avoid the severe storm that was quickly approaching. Everything went from a nice warm and breezy summer evening to the tornado scene from the Wizard of Oz. The sky turned black and ugly, but at least we had the power of (ahem) good weather apps so we weren’t completely taken off guard.

Inside the house Z opened presents and had birthday cake.

Each child got a party favor and the evening ended up being a total success!

Happy Birthday Z, I mean Captain America!