1 down 35  to go. We just completed the first week of our new school schedule. Being a mop (mother of preschoolers) is tough biz. I can attest to that, but I never realized the energy and organization that would need to go into having kids in school. Granted, it would be easier if I didn’t have to work with completely different schools, with different schedules in separate cities. One things for sure though, the days ZOOM by. Here is what our daily routine has looked like this week.

We get up at 7:00 and take SJ to school at 8:00. I have to park the car and walk her into her class.

Afterwards we usually run some errands do some laundry and have lunch.

I walk Z to the bus stop at 12:30.

We are supposed to be there by 12:42 so this gives us plenty of time to get there, especially since the bus has been late everyday, except one day which we ended up having to run to catch it. I had Ezie in the Ergo on my back when this happened. I am sure it looked comical. The driver apologized for being early. I just appreciated her waiting for us.

After we get back up to the apartment I have a couple hours where it is just me and Ezie.

At 3:00 I have to go get SJ


 Once again I have to park the car and go to the upper level of the school. No drive up service here. From there we go back to the apartment I get both kids upstairs and go back down in 20 minutes to walk to the bus stop where we wait, and wait, and wait. 

Once Z gets off we go back up to the apartment unpack our stuff.


We have tried to have outside time everyday weather permitting. Then it’s back up the stairs one final time for dinner, then bath, and bed.. It goes by so fast! Everyday I say “It’s already 5 o’clock?” Everyday!

So the frustrating part is that I feel like I am going up and down the stairs and buckling and unbuckling the kids all day long. For the record the bus thing is not my idea, but I tried to drive him and I can’t realistically make it from SJ’s school to his school in time and even if I did I would have to get Ezie and SJ out of the car and walk into the school to sign him out anyway, because that is how they do things.
The big fiasco with Z’s school has certainly put a damper on everything, but I am trying to have a good attitude and make the most of it.

On the bright side I get a lot of exercise. And I like having a routine. I like getting the kids to bed earlier and getting up earlier. It feels more productive all the way around. Both Z and SJ seem to enjoy their schools a lot.
As the weeks go on I am sure it will get easier and I will figure out more efficient ways to manage our time.

Maybe you are thinking “Whoa. How do you do it all and tote around a ten month old on top of it?” I don’t know. I ask myself the same thing. I don’t mind though. There is all this hype about YOLO these days and that’s great, but my motto is TOLO, They’re Only Little Once.