Not everyone will relate to this.

Some people aren’t on social media or even if they are, they can ignore all the angry posts and contraversial debates without a second thought.

Other people love sharing heated political memes and shooting opinionated comments back and forth with people they don’t even know.

I for one, am NON-CONFRONTATIONAL. I hate conflict. Yet there a feisty little side of me (probably the French Canadian side) that gets really fired up about certain topics. So I have this inner turmoil when a subject hits a nerve on Facebook.

It’s like I have a cartoon angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. This is their dialogue pretty much every single time.



For the record, I am not saying that it is unwise or immoral to speak up for your beliefs online. Nor do I think it’s wrong if you choose not to get involved. This is simply what goes through my head. The cartoon angel and demon are pretend but #thestruggleisreal.

Also, before you think this is all about the flag and then NFL I can assure you that it is not. I wrote this a long time ago when the debate was over gun laws, or was it police brutality? No wait I think it was when we were debating refugees? Or was it Target bathrooms? Okay, I can’t remember when I typed out this out, but I do know that no matter which debate it was, Donald Trump had something to do with it.

Oy. I think I have said too much. I should probably copy/cut and paste that.