Today I am going to talk about how we downsized our living room.

Our old living room was a nice size and I am sure we’ll go back to something like this again someday because I love to entertain, but who knew we could be comfortable with so much less.  We sold most of the stuff in this picture at “the world’s longest yard sale” and we narrowed it down to just a single couch for living room seating.

Here is our living room now. We also added a TV media table and coffee table. You may not notice the coffee table, but it’s there. I will be talking about that tomorrow. For now lets get back to the couch.

This raggedy old couch has been with J since before we were married. He got it from a yard sale when he was in college. Who knows how old it is, but it’s held up. We even hauled it out to a field for a photo shoot in 2011.

It has a basic slipcover on it now, which we used to dress it up a bit when we were selling our house, but it’s still the same piece of junk it’s always been. We talk about replacing it. I doubt that will happen anytime soon, but we will probably shed a little bitter sweet tear when it does.

With the kids being so young all five of us can sit on it. And if we don’t feel like being that snuggly or we have company then we can use the chairs from the table setting.

It’s as simple as simplifying. You would be surprised at how little you need.

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