Who has already started Christmas shopping?

I haven’t, but I need to because Christmas with my side of the family is November 30th! Most of us will be traveling during the Holidays and between work schedules and other commitments, it was the only weekend available.

Hopefully I caught you in time because if you are shopping for a parent, grandparent, or even a college student then I have the perfect gift idea.

Cades and Birch sent me this family phone lock up box and I am in love!

First of all, the fact that it has our name on it is so special and makes it truly one of a kind.

I love that it’s got that classic rustic look and the fonts and details are just beautiful. The name font even reminds me of my MessyMom.Com Logo. I might be biased but I think it’s perfect!

In this digital era with smart phones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices it’s hard to have bounderies. This phone lock box makes it a little bit easier to be intentional about family time.  The idea is to lock up your phones and gadgets so that you can focus and be present. Isn’t that great? Speaking from experience it even works for tablet time out. Just sayin.

Another cool feature is that it has a hole in the back to put your chargers through.

The box measures 9” x 12” by 3” tall, and features an the charging cable hole in the back is 1”. Each box is engraved with the ”Unplug” design and you get to customize it by choosing your stain and the customized text. You could have one that says Unplug “at Grandmas” or unplug “In the mountains” for a cabin or something. Check out the Cades and Birch website to be inspired by the ideas on there. If you like the phone station but don’t want to go full blown lock up they Cades and Birch also has really cute planter boxes.
I truly love this box and what it represents for our family. It’s all about connecting with eachother and have uninterupted time together (or even time alone is important too!)
I love the unplugged boxes but I guarentee you I will be ordering other items from Cades and Birch as well. There are way too many to list but I was really excited about the Holiday collection and the wedding decor and gift ideas
The prices are so resonable too, especially for something that is handcrafted and made in the US. I am so happy to have discovered Cades and Birch and I know you will be too.