I already shared most of the details for the Butterfly party food and decorations, but I never shared the fun!

This was the biggest number of guests I have had at a kids’ party that I’ve thrown. We had 14 girls in a house that isn’t huge.

Thankfully I had plenty of help between two aunts, two moms, and the youth pastor’s wife from our church. I ended up needing all hands on deck!

We had sharpies to label the drinks and party favor bags! All of the paper products and party favor bags were from the Dollar Tree. So were these butterfly nets.

The nets were for a game where the girls on the balcony would throw butterflies to the girls on the landing.

I got this 100 pack of paper butterflies from Amazon because I didn’t want to cut out a hundred tissue paper butterflies!

The whole party was originally planned for outside, but it was stormy. Luckily I had the balcony as a plan B. The girls had fun competing to see who could catch the most butterflies.

We also did a tasty and cute butterfly craft!

It was very simple. We had ages 4-9 represented at the party and with help from grown-ups it was something that was great for everybody.

To make the craft all you need is snack size ziplocks, pipe cleaner, colorful candy, googly eyes, and a clothespin that can be colored with paint or markers. You can find a variation of this project here.

One final activity was opening presents!

I decorated this station by hanging a mosquito netting hoop which I decorated with flower garland and butterflies of course.

The 0ld white door is something I decorate for parties with photos from throughout the years. I added a few butterflies a pennent banner and the letter S for the birthday girl. This was all stuff that I already had on hand. 

That was basically it. I know the birthday girl enjoyed it and I think her friends did too.




If you missed part one of all the birthday fun you can find the details here