One day a lady from my Texas church who I lovingly refer to as granny told me, When I see a pretty dress I think of you. That was years ago before I had children and I can’t think of a compliment that has topped it since.

Granted these days it’s a big accomplishment to be in clothes that were not designed for sleeping or exercise. But on a good day, or for special occasions, I do love a pretty dress. Most girls do. My brother recently text me this sweet photo of my niece which just says it all.


SJ is very particular about what she wears. She’s only 6 and I can’t remember the last time I got to pick out her clothes or even help make suggestions for that matter! So it’s been nice to have a helpless baby girl around that has no choice but to wear whatever I stuff her in. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


J’s family came up for Elle’s dedication at the end of June and they brought with them a special dress. It was the dress my sister in law wore for her dedication, along with many of my nieces, and SJ wore it when she was dedicated.


SJ on the day she was dedicated (she is 7 months old here).


Elle, was very content in pastors arms as he dedicated her to the Lord. He also dedicated me when I was a baby so I love that there is history there. Watching him pray over my daughter is a moment that I will always hold close to my heart.

Another nostalgic dress resurfaced recently when I did a photo shoot of Elle with my wedding dress.


She was born days after our 15th anniversary I consider her our “anniversary baby” That’s why I used this photo for her birth announcement


and that’s what inspired the wedding dress photo session too.

IMG_7571 8x10

Everyone has been gushing over these photos which is funny to me because it didn’t fall into place quite as well as I had hoped. The nature center was so crowded, the wind was blowing the dress off the hanger the entire time. in fact at the end of the shoot J encouraged me that we could come back and try again on another day. I knew that we probably wouldn’t be able to do a reshoot before Elle outgrew this dress though which was important to me because it was the dress my dear friend’s baby wore for their dedication with the same pastor. Not to mention it’s just so lovely.

Amongst all of these dresses is the cow print dress. I know this might not seem like it fits in with all the frilly pretty stuff, but it’s a tradition of a different kind. It’s the dress SJ (shown on the right) wore for our first cow appreciation day 7 years ago and my niece (on the left) wore it 3 years ago.


This time last year when I learned that we were having a girl and I took a picture of my pregnant belly with this little baby Gap cow print dress because I was excited that Elle would get to wear it for Cow Appreciation day and this past Tuesday she did! Isn’t she adorable?


Obviously I am the sentimental type. Some people simply see dresses, I see dresses stitched with memories.