12 snowflake crafts for kids


What better way is there to get into the holiday spirit than to craft with your kids? Am I right?

My kids and I love to turn on some holiday music, bake some cookies, and spend the afternoon working on Christmas ornaments or some Christmas cards for some of the elderly people in our community.

Through crafting, we have learned that we can use it to bring so much joy into our home and into the homes and lives of others.





So, with the holiday season upon us, I wanted to share some of my favorite snowflake crafts for kids. Each of the following crafts utilizes various materials to put a spin on your traditional snowflake cut out of construction paper:


  1. Wrapping Paper Snowflakes
    No matter how much I tell myself I will only buy as much as I think I will need, I always end up with far too much wrapping paper. Either I overestimate the amount I will actually need or I just see too many cute designs and just have to have each of them.

    Either way, rather than throwing them away I have started incorporating them into our holiday crafts. Now, my kids use some of them to make wrapping paper snowflakes!

    You simply cut off a small section of wrapping paper – depending on how big of a snowflake you want – and do the traditional folding and cutting of the paper to end with a snowflake design.

  2. Stained-Glass Snowflakes

    With a little bit of construction paper and tissue paper, you can create the perfect window decoration!

    Cut out your snowflake from the construction paper and then using a light-colored tissue paper, fill in the empty slots of the snowflake. Hang your finished product on your window for some cute décor and an easy and simple stained-glass design!

  3. Cardboard Snowflakes

    This is probably one of our family favorites this time of year.

    Although you can’t paint them with watercolors, you can paint them using a much thicker paint and the cardboard is incredibly sturdy – making it last all through the holiday season.

    Simply grab some thin cardboard and cut out a snowflake shape! If you find it difficult to cut the little holes inside the snowflake, you could always paint it as a snowflake instead.

  4. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

    I have used coffee filters to make snowflakes for as long as I can remember. And, now, it is the easiest way to create them with my children because they are so light and easy to cut!

    They are also incredibly easy to hang using some clear string!

  5. Doily Snowflakes
    White crochet snowflakes for Christmas decoration of package gift. Selective focus

    White crochet snowflakes for Christmas decoration of package gift. Selective focus

    Next in line as my favorite is a doily snowflake. It is super easy to work with – just like coffee filters. But, then you can use them as décor on your table!

  6. Cotton Swab Snowflakes

    So, enough with all of the cutting snowflakes out of different materials, right?

    Let’s try something new:

    Grab a cotton ball and a few Q-tips, align the Q-tips around the cotton ball to form the shape of a snowflake and glue them on. Voila! How quick and easy was that?

  7. Sensory Snowflakes

    I don’t know about your kids, but mine love something a little more intricate. They love something that has an interesting texture and they especially love to use an ordinary item in an unordinary way.

    So, in comes the sensory snowflake:

    Grab a piece of construction paper and line glue on the paper in the shape of a snowflake. Next, have your child cover the glue with grains of rice.

  8. Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

    For those of you looking for a nontraditional snowflake craft that doesn’t involve glue, listen up:

    Grab some pipe cleaners and simply twist the bottom of each one to attach them all in the shape of a snowflake. Tip: Start by attaching two of them just one above the other, forming a straight line, then add on around the sides from there.

  9. Tape Resist Snowflakes

    This snowflake craft is so fun and different!

    Grab a piece of plain white construction paper and place tape on it in a few places in the shape of a snowflake, then paint the entire rest of the space blue. It will give the appearance there are snowflakes floating through the cold, blue winter sky.

  10. Cotton Ball Snowflakes

    This craft is another one that will keep your children busy for a little bit and offers more than just some construction paper.

    Grab a piece of blue construction paper and line it with glue in the shape of a snowflake. Then, have your kids add cotton balls to cover the glue (in a line) and it will look like a big, fluffy snowflake.

  11. Craft Stick Snowflakes

    Start by grabbing some popsicle sticks and decorating them. We love to use blue and/or white paint and some glitter to give them a little shimmer.

    Next, use glue to attach them to one another in the shape of a snowflake by simply overlapping them and adding a new dab of glue in the center each time.

  12. Button Snowflakes

    Start out by doing the craft stick snowflake. But, there is just a switch up in one step:

    Instead of decorating them with paint, attach them first and then decorate using colored buttons and some glue


Now you and your kids can enjoy a cool weekend of snowball crafting fun!



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