Fun fact. Actually, cancel that. It’s not really fun. Everyday I have a to-do list of 10 things that I want to accomplish that day. I have done it this way for YEARS. In fact when SJ was diagnosed in 2012 I had “SJ’s ENT appointment” as #8 on my to do list that day. I will never forget it. It was supposed to be so simple. 1 of 10 things to do that day. Who knew that number eight would dramatically change my life forever. For a while I even stopped making lists because it haunted me. I couldn’t keep the habit at bay for long though before I was back to my to-do lists. If you are a list person you understand. We get each other.

In the spirit of my daily to do lists here is a master list for the year.

1.Devotions with kids

This year we kept it simple for advent by doing a daily scripture reading and devotion ending with a prayer. While the fights over who got to put the sticker on the advent tree could be brutal, the kids have already missed this daily time focusing on Jesus a family. So yesterday we started Fruits of the Spirit. We aren’t going to be doing one every day, but maybe weekly or bi-weekly. Whatever rhythm we end up with, I hope to make to do at least 10 lessons, because it’s been so great for all of us.

2. Pinned it Spinned it

I blogged about this yesterday. I am hoping to participate in Pinned it Spinned it a couple times a month, like those rare times I am actually out of the house.

3. Get Ezie in Preschool


Ezie will be turning 5 in 2017 (Gasp. That sounds so grown up.). That’s not until October though, so he still has another year before he starts kindergarten. However unlike public school, preschool isn’t free. In fact it’s really expensive.  I could skip it, but I think at age 5 he would really benefit from the structured environment that would prime him for when he does go to school the next year. Lots to think about it.

4. Eye doctors, ear doctors, and dentists OH MY!

I am bad about keeping up with all the regular exams. When you have a family of 6 with at least 3 doctors each (except for Ezie who only goes to the pediatrician, but needs to start seeing the dentist) you end up with over 40 doctor visits a year. I hate going and dragging along all the younger kids along for the ride. But everyone is due for all kinds of regular checkups so I am going to make that a priority. Bleh.

5. Clean up old blog posts

I have a lot of old blog posts that either need to be deleted or revamped. What this means, along with #6 below is that I won’t be writing new stuff on the blog as often as I usually do. I’ll be around though.

6. Get a book deal

I know this sounds ambitious and it is. This is my number one focus for the year. Even if the deal is with myself. I am ready to move forward with the book I have been working on.

7. Four Fabulous Dates


Year after year my goal has been to go on one date a month with my husband. It never happens. NEVER. This year I’ll make it realistic and aim for quarterly dates and hope to make them really  special.

8. Relaunch my email list

I am so sorry, I have failed big time when it comes to my email subscribers and I am hoping to change that.

9. Soak up every last drop of school for SJ.

This is it. We’ve spent the last 5 years of our life primarily focused on giving SJ the gift of communication. She started at OVV when she was two years old. She is about to be 7! She won’t graduate until summer of  2018, but she starts 2nd grade in the fall and it will be her final year. We’ve had so many memories and traditions that are now coming to a close. There will be lots of emotions going on. There are also practical matters as far as transitioning her into a main stream school. So that’s going to be a big focus for the second half of 2017.

10. Get Elle hearing aids


Elle gets hearing aids in January. Hearing aids were a nightmare with SJ, but they were not benefiting her because her hearing loss was so profound whereas Elle’s will make a notable difference. I was told to be prepared to struggle for a few days or weeks even. After that hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

 I am looking forward to the new year, and I wish you all the best as well. Cheers.