I have only blogged twice in the last two weeks. There is a reason. I have been reading, writing, and prepping for my next 31 day series and I am super excited about it. I have put some emotional blood, sweat, and tears into this thing. I’m a little nervous though and I am hesitant to go an entire month without my typical journalistic lifestyle blogging that I usually do. For now let me just give you a little freeze frame of what each of us are doing so that I feel relatively caught up on updates for the messy clan.

First of all, I’m keeping busy with some photography work, along with volunteer work at the kid’s schools, and I already mentioned the writing.

J is still leading worship in Indiana and he is going to school on campus this semester. I have been helping him with his speech class. Most of what he does is computer programming classes and for that I pack him a lunch and give him a kiss on his way out the door. That stuff is way out of my league, but writing speeches I can do. Did I ever mention he made the Dean’s List for his first two semesters? It’s been a ton of hard work, but I am very proud of him! Only one year left. Ahhhh!

Z is going through some stuff at school right now. All is well as far as grades and studies, but he has been testing the waters behaviorally. I am hoping the strategies we’ve implemented and the prayers I pray non stop will make a difference! He’s getting to the age where I am not sure what is appropriate to share on the blog. I would never want to embarrass him, but I also like to be candid with my readers and myself, admitting when times are tough. Cub Scouts is going well. He is doing a fund raiser right now where he has to sell popcorn. I might as well throw the link out there because we are way behind on sales. Boy Scouts popcorn does not “fly off the shelves” like Girl Scout cookies do. I am learning that the hard way. If you want to check out his store it’s available HERE.

SJ has started talking a bit more. We are at a place now where we can communicate our everyday needs to each other pretty well. It’s still hard though when there are so many things she wants to say, but I just don’t understand her. She’s going through a serious daddy stage. She asks about him and talks about him a lot which is not typical for her, but it’s sweet. One time I asked if she wanted to call daddy and she said yes. I was hesitant because she doesn’t have the device that syncs her processors with the phone and of course she doesn’t hear with her ear canals like we do so I was just hoping speaker phone would suffice, and it did. It was a successful first time phone conversation (aside from face time which doesn’t count because it’s visual). Another exciting milestone.

 Ezie turns two TOMORROW! He’s talking, signing, and singing a lot more. The other day he starting to sing “outside, going outside, it’s an outside kind of day”, which is a song from signing time. The thing that struck me was that I have heard him sing with songs or initiate singing songs that we have sung before and listen to a lot. This was a song I had to think about before I even knew what it was because I had heard it so few times, but he had obviously remembered it and was reciting it! He gets mistaken as a girl often enough that I will probably cut off his lovely baby curls soon, but it’s not easy. I don’t even want to think about it. With my other two I was pregnant before their second birthday so I was a little more willing to let go of the baby stage. I’ll get there though. He makes it easier with how independent he is!

There are a lot of other things happening, but that’s the skinny. Tomorrow is the big day. My 31 day series will be live, and you’ll be hearing from me a lot! Just not like this. I hope everyone has had a wonderful September. Here’s to a new season!