I have now met all of the new teachers including a full blown information night tonight at Z’s school. I really do think this is going to be another great year for them. I loved their teacher’s from last year and I will never forget all that they did for my kiddos. I have wanted to share the love and show the two thank you cards that we made at the end of last year, but I never got around to it. I know this is the worst time to spark ideas for end of the year thank you cards since school has just begun, but I figure it’s better late than never. Here goes…

For SJ I used her recent portrait from her 4 year session and customized a Thank You message to be printed out on a 4×6. I found an endless amount of chalkboard fonts online and for the chalkboard background I went with the one from this link. I picked up some clear party favor bags from Target and filled the bag with dove chocolates.

I was so happy with how they all turned out. By all, I mean several. Z had one teacher to say thank you to. SJ has an entourage of therapists, teachers, and other team members that we want to show our gratitude to.

 When I went into SJ’s school this year I saw that the secretary had her thank you card displayed on her desk and it made me smile. 

For Z we took a different approach. I made a little book out of all the decades that he dressed up as throughout the year. I can now see that I blogged about 50’s day, 70’s, and 80’s day, but I don’t think I ever did a post about when he dressed like he was 100 years old!? What a shame. Here are some photos of that.

I can’t believe I never posted these! Anyway, back to the thank you card. This was the cover which was a phrase that was significant to the whole class.

On the inside there were a couple group photos from the Christmas party and field trip and it said 

Mrs. Baker was my Kindergarten teacher.

Then a couple photos of Z dressed in 1950’s attire (for the 50th day of school) and it said “thanks to her I had many HAPPY DAYS”. Then along with the 1970’s photos it said “she made school GROOVY”

Turn the page to the 1980’s and you’ll see that she was also “TOTALLY AWESOME”, and lastly for the 100th day when he dressed like he was 100 years old it said “Now I feel wise beyond my years”. 
I know it’s not the most polished booklet. It was just a simple little token which cost next to nothing, but I was extremely flattered by his teacher’s response. She said it was the best thank you card she had ever received and had planned to laminate it. I’m so glad that she liked it because she really is an amazing teacher. 
In fact I would like to say thank you to all the teachers that might be reading this. I have had lots of friends who taught over the years and I had some pretty great teachers growing up, but I never understood just how invaluable teachers are until my children started school. From that point on I became eternally grateful for all that you do for our children and for our future! What a calling. Whether you just started, or are about to, best wishes this year. 
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