When my daughters are the age to be considering marriage I will impart my wisdom on them about what important qualities to look for in a man. Don’t marry someone for looks or money, I will tell them. Instead, marry them for their ability to build or fix things. I’m totally joking of course. That is not why I married J, but it is a nice perk.

J fixing the brakes on my van yesterday

Since Father’s Day is tomorrow I thought this would be a great opportunity to brag on my husband and how he has used his brilliant ingenuity to make cool things for our children.

First, the horse seat.

The saddle was my aunts and she gave it to us for Ezie’s third birthday party. J crafted the wooden form to hold the saddle. He made it sturdy enough for all sizes and fastened the saddle so that it wouldn’t fall off.

Not only was it a hit at the party, but it’s been a great place to sit or take a ride to imagination land for the past two and a half years!

Next is the lego table.


This table was designed to be the perfect height for little ones and it has a border that will prevent legos from falling off the edge.

The kids have spent countless hours at this table!

Even today they play so well together building and creating. I know Legos can be played just about anywhere but this was one of J’s greatest ideas because it gives the legos a designated area.

They can stay out and when the kids are ready to play they can pick up where they left off. It was such a hit with our kids J made one for our friends for Christmas a couple years ago.

I think as the mom, this is my favorite of all of J’s creations.

Lastly, the sprinkler.



While it looks like it’s just a T sticking out of the ground, it is actually a really fun sprinkler for the kids to run around in. It spins on its own and drops of water spray out all over. It shoots water really far. The photos do not do it justice.


The friends, family, and neighbors have all had a blast with sprinkler and hopefully will continue to for many summers to come.

J invented all of these ideas and executed them without any kind of instructions or template. Maybe someday I can get some measurements and take some decent photos (sorry all I have is poorly lit photos from my phone for now) and we can co-write some tutorials together. Toys R Us may be shutting down, but Messy Dad’s toy shop is going strong. Honey, if you are reading this, thanks for all that you do. I love how you have used your talents and creativity for your family. You are one awesome dad.