Welcome back, or if you are
visiting for the first time you can check out Day One. I will actually be
posting this table of contents on that landing page, so that is
where you can go anytime you want to click on a particular blog post from this
series. I will update the links on that page each day as they go live.
Until then, here is a sneak peak*
Day 1- Introduction 
Day 2- Outline   
Day 3- What Teachable Parenting Is
Day 4- About the booksDay 
Day 5- About My Parenting Journey
     Day 6- Freedom From Parenting Guilt
     Day 7- Embracing Your Child’s Mistakes
     Day 8- Embracing Feelings
     Day 9- Anger VS Empathy
     Day 10- The Biblical Model For New Covenant Parenting
     Day 11- Keep Calm And Parent On 
     Day 12- Logical Consequences
     Day 13- Modeling Self Control 
     Day 14- Helicopter Parenting
     Day 15- Learning Without Lectures
     Day 16- Giving Your Child Choices
     Day 17- Giving Your Chid Space
     Day 18- The Strict Side of Teachable 
     Day 19- The Ultimate Tip For The Terrible Twos
     Day 20- Enforceable Statements
     Day 21- Being Fun and Unpredictable
     Day 22- Chores and Money
     Day 23- The Kitchen Timer
     Day 24- Children Are People
     Day 25- The Importance Of Vision
     Day 26- See Them, Name Them, Draw Them Out
     Day 27- Power of Words
     Day 28- Oppositions
     Day 29- Rites of Passage 
     Day 30- Avoid and Allow Recap
     Day 31- Closing 
This first
week I’ll be laying some ground work for what this parenting philosophy is all about, as well as I am just trying to introduce myself and the books I mentioned yesterday. After that
I will really be digging into the nitty gritty and addressing some concrete
parenting challenges. 
*I admit, I planned ahead this year, but I don’t have a finished product ready to hit publish so this list will be subject to change. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if there is anything you want to see added or discussed as we go along. I want this to be a community learning together, not just another messy mom ramble. So tomorrow is when this series will really begin! I’m glad you are here and I can’t wait to get started. 

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