One month down for homeschooling in 2021. I have to admit, I have felt so defeated lately. We had a nice break at Christmas and I knew that it would take some time to get back into our routine, but every time I thought we found our rhythm again there would be some kind of emergency. When it comes to what we will do next school year we have a lot to evaluate, contemplate, and most importantly meditate (okay, pray is what we need to do, but I was on a rhyming roll).

That being said, my chalk board still says Happy New Year, however there was  time when the message on our family chalkboard changed every week. It usually involved something we were learning about that week. So while I have not been able to keep this up, I did have a lot of fun designs and memories to look back on.

This was the original chalkboard message from the beginning of August 2020

The next week was a Bible verse that we memorized and learned the sign language to.

Another Bible verse. We learned the fruit of the spirit verse and ASL signs about 4 years ago, but this was a good refresher for sure.

Everyday we learn about a new country (in alphabetical order) and then we say a prayer for that country. Sometimes we go to the website where you can click on any country and they have a video prayer specific for that nation. It’s an incredible ministry that I stumbled on while looking up individual countries prayer needs.

We also had a little tradition of doing the birthday boy or girl message on the chalkboard. SJ’s is coming up so I definitely need to follow through with the final birthday message! 

September 11th was a difficult but important day that we learned about. 

Then we learned all about the constitution on September 17th, CONSTITUTION DAY! 

Then we had another important Bible verse.

Ezra’s 8th birthday. WaHoo!

Then we got Covid, so SJ wrote the chalk message for me.

After we were fully recovered and out of quarantine we had the coolest unit study the week of Columbus Day.

This one didn’t turn out as planned but we traced our hands and wrote our favorite things about fall in each one.

Election week!

For our 20th anniversary I wrote Matthew 19:6 and Elle drew a photo to go with it.

Elle’s fifth birthday. Fun times!

We watched Little Women and read up on the history of Louisa May Alcott.

Thanksgiving was a great lesson and Holiday.

Skip ahead to Christmas. SJ’s artwork this time.

Last but not least Happy New Year!!!