I have been enamored with the girls’ room makeover!

Last week I shared about the wallpaper from Limitless walls (which I love) but there are so many little touches that made it all come together. I thought it might be cool to give a little “photo tour” and show off all the girlie decor. I hope it will be inspiring, especially for those working with a small budget like we were.

Okay, so first off the dresser! When you walk in the room and turn left there is a gorgeous white dresser with gold knobs. This used to be my dresser which was a freebie from a friend when I got used 15 years ago!

I forgot to take a “before” picture before I started to dismantle it, but it was your basic all wood dresser.

J screwed and nailed the thing into shape before we painted because it was falling apart a little bit. Then we sanded, primed, and painted it with farmhouse white. The knobs were sanded and spray painted with gold. Here’s a little painting hack for knobs- it’s easier to screw them onto a scrap piece of wood and spray them all upright.

I used Krylon Premium metallic 18 KT Gold spray paint. I saw this recommended on a YouTube tutorial that I watched and it was the perfect shade.


I originally planned on buying knobs but when you have to replace 16 it adds up quick! Dressers are not cheap either so this dresser rehab was the perfect solution and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The lamp was on sale at Hobby Lobby.

A little side note- SJ and I were due for a mother-daughter day and so we went shopping together for the room makeover and had the most amazing time! I am not someone who goes shopping very often so to have money set aside for it and have fun looking around and picking things out is the best! I don’t go near full priced items at Hobby Lobby so we were so blessed that all the tabletop decor items and lamps were half off that day! That’s also where we got the Faith sign and the golden geometric shape.

The macrame photo hanger was from Amazon.

I love that I could do graphics and text on photos as a super cute and frugal way to make customized art. We have since added a few feathers to the clothespins. This was a really fun project and way cheaper than buying all the cutsie rainbow and quotes prints from the store.

On the next wall of the room, we have the bunkbed!

This was something the girls were really looking forward to and was a long time coming. I have searched far and wide for a cheap used bunk bed, or even a new one on sale. I jumped on everyone I saw on second-hand online market places but the deals never went through. At the beginning of the year we purchased one from one of those auction sites and brought it home only to find it missing pieces! After so many months we finally gave up and just bought one for retail price at Ikea. The boys’ bunk bed and our bed are all from Ikea so we know they are comfortable and will last.

Bedding is something that I did not expect to make such a dent in the pocketbook! I tried so hard to score a deal on two twin bedding sets but the sticker shock was so intense I finally decided to go with the pillows and blankets they got for Christmas a couple of years ago and then we based all of the colors around that.

This saved us a couple hundred dollars. I did buy some unicorn sheets from Walmart and a few throw pillows from the thrift store. The full-length mirror is another Ikea purchase. Our ten year old daughter is at the age where a full-length mirror is an essential part of picking out the outifit of the day, am I right ladies?

The final wall (aside from the closet) is the ombre accent wall.

I got the curtains from a thrift store (It has geometric shapes on it) and the clock is from Walmart. We bought both items on our Girls Shopping Day. I was elated when I found the shelf at a yard sale because I wanted something against that wall, but I wanted the wall to show as much as possible.

Last, but not least, the rug is also an Amazon purchase.

The girls are obsessed with the faux fur. I’m not going to lie, I roll it up and put it on a shelf in the closet half of the time because it’s white… and on the floor…and I want it to stay nice for a little while.

The day of the final reveal I knew I needed to get some professional shots of the room since this room makeover was also a job for me as a blogger. I told the girls the plan and they were both all about it. We got way more than enough photos and had a blast doing it.

They loved being “models” and it reminded me of the time I got to do a runway bridal show for a neighbor that made wedding dresses. I was probably only six years old, but I will never forget that feeling. All eyes were on me in my silkie peach and lace flower girl dress as I walked the runway. The announcer described the details of my outfit and declared as a matter of fact- “Natalie is so pretty in peach”. I think I tried to wear peach until I was 21 because of that comment. If was said in a microphone then it must be true! The memory was so impacting to me that I wanted my hair the same way at my wedding (braided in a crown around my head) and that’s it’s exactly what I did!

The girls were the ones that came up with all of those poses for the photo shoot.

Mom take a picture of us reading a book on the rug.

How about we look in the mirror?

Let’s put our dolls on the dresser and then sit underneath them!

I know it’s just a room and it’s not going to be fresh and new for long, but the whole experience of planning and shopping, and decorating with my girls really was priceless.