The past couple of weeks had been rough (read “Social Distancing Week Three” and “Social Distancing Week Four/Spring Break/Tornados”). I had no plans for Easter. I thought about trying to do something and maybe even getting dressed up, but even though the power in the house was back on I still felt powerless.

However, I have two little girls who scrolled through their closets to pick out the prettiest brightest dresses they could find. They paired them with tights and fancy shoes. They dug through the stash of bows and started asking if I would curl their hair. After the week we’d had how could I say no. I was more than happy to participate at that point.

I also happened to have a bin full of Easter eggs, table cloths, and goodies from my mother in law who was clearing stuff out of her house last time we were in Texas. She asked if we wanted it and I accepted not knowing that a big box of Easter fun would be exactly what we needed! I filled the eggs with coins, candy, and small toys that the kids already owned but probably wouldn’t remember. I’m not against regifting little toys in Easter eggs, even when we aren’t on lockdown.

That morning we had breakfast burritos before sitting on the couch to watch our church service that which we had recorded Friday.

When the worship team played the song “Forever” by Kari Jobe I invited SJ to worship through sign language with me. I had already learned the signs to this song before and she knew some of it too. SJ isn’t fluent in ASL, but it was technically her first language. From age 9 months to 3 years old that is exclusively how she communicated. We also have friends who are deaf that we sign with. So it’s not just that it’s a beautiful language, it really is special and meaningful to us. J caught a small bit of it on video.

We took a couple of Easter photos using a tripod and a remote.

Side note, I decided to get a selfie stick for the time of quarantine and it also works as a remote shutter. I don’t regret this lowcost purchase. I knew it would be just us for a long time and if I wanted to document it a selfie stick would be the way to go. Anyway, I am glad it’s worked out so well.

After photos, we went outside for the egg hunt.

It wasn’t a sunny picturesque day at all, but it wasn’t raining at that moment and that’s all that mattered!

The kids had a blast finding eggs. SJ even found a real Robin’s egg! Sadly it was probably a storm casualty because the egg was homeless.

That night for dinner we had steak and we finished The Chosen series, which was so great.


It turned out to be a very special Easter. I was reminded of where my power source comes from, one that will never let me down.